Past/Parallel Life Experience Session - “Did I make up everything?”


Often after the session, people wonder, “Did I make up everything? Could it be just my imagination?”

The question is completely logical. We have five brain frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. These frequencies change many times throughout the day. Beta—state of alertness, logic, and critical thinking. Alpha—deep relaxation, daydream, light meditation, music listening, TV watching. Theta—deep meditation and light sleep. Delta, the slowest, - dreamless sleep. Gamma is the fastest one. Past-life information becomes available when brainwaves are around 7 to 8 cycles per second – the medium-to-deep Alpha state. As soon as you close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths you’ll experience a relaxed Alpha state, a mild trance. 

During the session, you will feel deep relaxation, the mind will calm down. But at the same time, the consciousness will remain vigorous and clear. You will not sleep or doze off and you will not be hypnotized (read more about the difference between directive hypnosis and non-directive hypnotherapy—a safer form for the human consciousness—at my website). You will be aware of everything that is happening. Therefore, there will be no fear. I will help you tune your consciousness to interact with your subconscious that keeps the memory of all our incarnations. 

You may not have vivid images, but a clear answer will come. For most people, memories of past lives during regression sessions come through claircognizance—intuitive and direct knowledge of the answer. But as soon as you start thinking about where it came from, trying to figure out if it is true or not, you stop the process. Therefore, go with the flow!

Why “parallel”? Because time exists only in our physical reality, there is no time outside of it, so everything happens at once. We live many realities at the same time in all multidimensional spaces of the Universe.

During the session, I ask the Higher Forces to show the person the appropriate place and the time, and sometimes it could be a current life. Recently in a session, a 40-year-old woman saw herself as a child. At the moment when she for the first, and as it turned out for the last time, met her grandfather (grandparents were just  in the process of divorcing). She burst into tears. It was one of the deep hidden trapped emotions. She never thought about him, forgot. After the session, finding photographs of that time and asking her mother, she realized that this happened when she was 2.5 years old! And it turned out that not so much the divorce of her mother and father influenced her future life, but that old episode with her grandfather.

In the Past/Parallel Life Experience Session, it is not the time of the event that matters but acquired information. Very often, a person themself is surprised at the revealed information, since the process of unfolding events occurs spontaneously and is not controlled by a person.

After the session, the unconscious of the clients continues to transmit information through dreams, synchronicities, and significant meetings for the next three days. It is important at this time to remember and write down your dreams. It is good to keep a diary for your thoughts and dreams.

I invite you to this transformative and powerful experience. Call me to schedule your session.

Valentina BalanceKeeper Vlasova, M.A., RMT,
Intuitive Counselor/ Claircognizant, CHN, Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner,
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