If you asked, it is what you think it is!
by Kerry Leonard

I love when clients share the new things they are experiencing! At first we often consider signs from the spirit world creepy but if you stop brushing it off as coincidence and get over the “spooky” image society has given it, it’s fun!

The following way to grow is one of my favorite life hacks. Ask yourself in any situation “Can I safely exchange fear for curiosity?”. If you’re ready to try, ask your Guides, Angels and Ancestors for signs and open your mind. Here are two fun experiences I’ve had in addition to the common coins and feathers, songs and flowers.

My biggest sign? It was when I was starting out as a card reader. I sat in the shop that afternoon without any clients so, I said to my Angelic team “I absolutely love helping people in this way but am I supposed to go back to a conventional job? Please send me an obvious sign, a sign so big I can’t possibly miss it!” I kid you not, driving home that night I nearly peed myself as I was majorly cut off in traffic! The offending vehicle’s license plate had my initials on it, followed by 444. When I was safely in my driveway I pulled out my phone and looked up Angel Number 444. It was described as the “cheerleader number.” As in “Don’t give up! Keep going!” I had a good laugh and although it brought comfort after the fact, well, I no longer ask for “BIG” signs.

Around the same time I was concerned that the “grapevine” at my former place of work would find out about my new job. I did not want everyone gossiping about me or worse coming in with a judgy attitude and playing “Stump The Psychic.” This particular morning I was meditating on a little hill overlooking a desert wash and when I opened my eyes there were at least two dozen brown wasps scattered in the grass all around. They were completely oblivious to me so I assumed they were eating some bugs or drinking the morning dew. But that was odd, right? Very odd? I carefully stood up and made my way past them and immediately did a search on my phone. If you use “Native American meaning of the _____” You will find their beautiful meaning of nearly any creature. Oh, and if you’re wondering, ‘Wasps”? Symbolic of warriors, a sign of protection.

So do be sure and look up any animals that seem to cross your path in an unusual way, there may be a message there! I hope you will have an open mind and have fun, I wonder what you will be sent!

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