How One Man Changed the Direction of His Life

Pranic Energy Healing and Spiritual Counseling can help you to change the direction of your life.  It can clear the way so you can live your true life.  When you change the direction of your life, you stop trying to please everyone.  You stop putting yourself last.  You stop cutting yourself short. You stop feeling under-valued.  You stop being angry all the time.  You stop allowing past hurts to disrupt your daily life.  You learn to let go.  Letting go is so powerful and life changing.  The key to living your true life is to let go and to forgive; forgiveness of others and forgiveness of yourself. 

I have a very dear friend who discovered that he had cancer and was encouraged by his doctor to: Get his life in order.  I watched my dear friend begin to clean out his apartment, room by room, giving away many items to family, friends, and to local charities.  But, besides cleaning out his physical life, he also began to tidy up his emotional and spiritual life.  He increased his time in prayer and meditation.  He increased his time reading sacred books and reflecting on their meaning.  He spent more time talking to his neighbors, visiting his friends, and even making trips to visit his grown sons and his grandchildren.  While doing all this, he was joyful.  He gave away all his possessions, making sure that his legacy would be passed on to his sons and grandchildren and to those he deeply loved.

Keeping his joy was a remarkable thing to witness.  He was no longer worried about petty things.  He let go of all past grudges.  And the ability to forgive himself for his past mistakes was amazing.  He looked and acted like a new man, a man that was walking in the light.  He displayed no fear, only gratitude for his life and the changes he was able to make.  He truly created a new life for himself, a life filled with peace, kindness, compassion, love, and laughter. 

My friend recently informed me that his latest medical check-up showed that the cancer had gone into remission and his doctors told him to come back in six months.  We both laughed and cried tears of happiness.  Then he asked me in a shy manner, if I could please give him back a few items that he gave me so that his apartment didn’t feel so barren. I was overjoyed by his request and happily helped to make his apartment look like home again.

When my friend decided to change direction and to live the life he truly valued, a paradigm shift occurred.  He replaced anger, anxiety, stress, lack of forgiveness, and feelings of unworthiness, with peace, acceptance, and love for all.  He changed his values and his outlook on life. He became a man who truly walks in The Light.  He became a blessing to us all.

May we all learn how to walk in The Light.

In Great Love and Light, Pastor Christine Haggerty


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