One question can change the course of your life.
by Kerry Leonard
I was deep in my dark night of the soul.  Often a spiritual depression of this magnitude is about waking up to the falsehoods you’ve been brainwashed with from birth.  At some point you must choose, you could stay where you are at pretending to be happy while actually being miserable forever but there is a catch, your eyes are now open and as they say, “You can’t unlearn.”  Or you can do as I did.  I embraced the Tower card of my life and prayed I would rise like a Phoenix after.  Oddly enough my life didn’t go up in flames, it crumbled in sections.  First there was my divorce, then I left my career of twenty-four years.  There I was with no plan other than “Don’t look back” and somehow find the strength to create a new life. 

I drifted for about a year and cried for the better part of it.  Then one day I found myself pulling up in front of the local psychic bookstore.  I walked in and that’s when I asked it.  “Excuse me, is there an actual Hogwarts and how do I sign up?”  Before the lady with the exotic eye makeup could look up from the pile of incense she was pricing I continued to gush “You’re going to think I’m crazy but I have been told years apart by two different card readers that one day I would read the Tarot and help people. I am ready to learn, is there a class I can sign up for?”  That’s when I heard a rustle as my future mentor stepped out from behind the silk and beads that served as a door to her office.  “What do you mean?” she said looking me up and down “Grandma says you can already read.”  I was so embarrassed that here I was in my 40’s asking for Hogwarts that the “Grandma part” didn’t sink in (Remember Sylvia Browne with her “Grandma” - My Mentor has that going for her too!).  I raced to explain “Sure I read for friends but I’m not a real reader”.  “No,” she said, shaking her head, “You don’t understand, you either have the gift and can read or you don’t.  Come back tomorrow and see the manager, You’ll work here with me at this location.”

With love and gratitude I still give her all the credit for changing the course of my life.  However, as she once pointed out to me, I drove my car there that day and I did as she instructed.  In the end it was all because I asked that one “Crazy” question.  So, tell me, what is your question?


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