4 Ways to Shift Your Mindset to Be Happier With Yourself & Enjoy Life More
by Sydney Sage ~ 208-608-2498 ~ www.resourcequeen.us


Having a more positive mindset doesn’t mean always being happy, it can even just be a sense of believing in ourselves; of trusting ourselves; of feeling like we can navigate what comes our way. 

Of course, it’s not possible to be happy all the time, but life is MUCH easier when our brains are at least on our side and not beating us up all the time!

Our mindset is the root of everything. It holds our beliefs, our perception of things (what we make things mean), how we see ourselves, others, the world…

Our mindset is the lens through which we see everything. Everything can be negative but it can also be positive or neutral. Both/and instead of either/or. And the most ironic thing?

Our thoughts and beliefs are NOT FACTS. But when we take them as facts and don’t question or challenge them? That is when suffering can occur. 

So here are four ways to improve your mindset:

ONE - create simple, yet impactful, morning rituals. Choose 1-3 things you can do every morning sustainably that make you feel really good. Meditation is *the best way* to change your brain and mindset. 

This infuses the rest of your day with better energy. You become less affected by whatever the day brings if you start your day grounded, present, and happy even in small ways.

TWO - spend more time slowing down and being alone with yourself. When our bodies slow down and relax, our brains do too. With a more relaxed body is a more relaxed mind, which means you are thinking less. When you think less, you have more awareness and power over your thoughts. 

THREE - use your body to process your feelings, not just your mind. I created a whole video on this based on tactics my therapist taught me, “3 Ways to Process Emotions in Half the Time” on YouTube by Sydney Sage. 

FOUR - meditate, or sit in silence, for 15-60 minutes per day in the mornings. The #1 way to shift your mindset is to meditate, all the great sages say this. Your brain will likely wig out and think all kinds of thoughts to try and get you to stop, but if you just stay and keep letting the thoughts go, you will find the most blissful, unearthly peaceful stillness and this is that magical space where messages and ideas come through. I can’t express how life-changing this one thing is. 

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