How to See an Aura, and What Auric Colors Mean
by Terri Ireland ~ Healing Hands Metaphysical Store ~ 208-542-5446
429 B St., Idaho Falls ~


What exactly is an aura?  It is an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things, and it can be seen, felt, or sensed.  Auras can reveal a person’s emotional well-being as well as their physical state of health.  There are many ways of seeing auras, this is just one method.

Some sources say that when reading auras it is best to have a high contrast background, either very dark or white.  The aura is most easily seen around a person’s head.  To see yours, your own hand will work just fine.  Place your hand at eye level against your chosen background.  Now, pick a point just beyond your hand and let your eyes go out of focus (similar to the way you would view a “magic eye” picture, for those of you familiar with that).

Soon, a thin white band will come into view around the exterior edges of your hand.  This is the first layer of your aura.  Once you are able to view the white band, fix your gaze a little way beyond it.  A colored band or bands will then come into view.  Each color has a meaning and different parts of the body may show different colors.  Each of your chakras has a corresponding layer in your aura that is the same color as the chakra.  Sometimes you will see a cloud of color around a person, or around part of a person’s body, and this list tells what those colors mean.

Red:  energy, strength, and courage

Brick red:  anger

Deep red:  sensuality

Crimson:  loyalty

Pink:  cheerfulness, optimism, unconditional love, and the sign of a healer

Rose:  self-love

Orange:  joy, vitality, mental and physical balance

Yellow:  wisdom, creativity, and spirituality

Grayish yellow:  fear

Green:  ingenuity, compassion and growth

Pale green:  healing power

Grayish green:  pessimism, envy

Blue:  spiritual, idealistic, imaginative, intellectual

Grayish blue:  melancholy

Ice blue:  intellectual

Purple:  spiritual power

Try this yourself, on plants, animals and your friends; but remember, always ask for and receive permission.  It is a spiritual violation to try to read the energy of another without it!

Terri Ireland, owner of Healing Hands Metaphysical Store and Metaphysical Times, is a former Archaeologist and Geologist. Her most recent employment was as a Quality Engineer with the NASA programs New Horizons and Mars Science Laboratory: Curiosity. She has also been a rodeo competitor, drag race driver and beauty queen. She is an accomplished energy healer after years of work and study to overcome a life-threatening health crisis and subsequent dark night of the soul.