Awaken and Become
by Rand Gholson, EEM-AP ~ (805) 709-4263

Welcome to the New Year of 2021! Most of us are relieved to have 2020 behind us, but one of the experiences provided by this terribly tough year is that people are much more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Both are important for Awakening to who you are and what your potentials are. The key is to move past fear.

The Awakening is a multi-phasic experience of becoming aware in all ones senses, including the subtle ones. It also often includes seeing oneself in great clarity and depth, usually for the first time in remembered experience. Along with this awareness, people find themselves in general confusion about who they are, what their purpose is, what they are doing here.

Those in Awakenings are often coming out of deep personal crisis’s that seem generally directed to make them so uncomfortable that they are seeking new results to their life’s challenges.

This is accompanied at some point with the realization that they have spent a lifetime being programmed by society and the familial extension that they grew up with. Part of this realization is that most of us are defined by others and we have grownup accepting these definitions and trying desperately to fulfill them.

A major part of the awakening is the realization that we have the capability to define who we are for ourselves, to release those other definitions that don’t serve us and begin the process of self-definition and growth into becoming what is our potential highest good.

Along with this new self-awareness is the realization that there is this enormous potential to connect with others that are self-aware to initiate positive and beneficial change at individual, societal and planetary levels. This my friends, is the Awakening Process.

Tis a journey, but no-one is alone. We have each other and we have the assistance of the Universe~
Rand Gholson is the founder of Energies Rising, an alternative healing coaching and educational business.
He is located in Meridian, Idaho.