M.P. Addiction - C.P. Addiction
by Charles Lightwalker


Mobile Phone Addiction or Cell Phone Addiction is a new addiction for our modern times. Cell phones dominate the modern world. Cell phones are multifunctional devices. They act as phone, camera, game station, computer, video recorder and player, t.v., book, dictionary, map, GPS guide, calculator, watch timer, alarm, appointment book and more. The cell phone has become a powerful tool that makes some people feel it is indispensable. It is easy for some people to feel “lost” when the phone is not handy. There’s no doubt that excessive cell phone use is a problem, especially among the younger generation (preteens, teens). Cell phone addiction is known as Nomophobia. This is becoming more prevalent with each passing year as the rate of cell phone usage increases worldwide.

More people are unable to make it through one day without using their cell phone and as a result are dealing with technology overload.

The over connected lives have made people virtually available 24/7, anyplace anywhere. Cell phone addiction continues to be a growing problem and is linked to anxiety and reduced cognitive function. Focusing on the cell phone for extended periods of time causes tension in the muscles along the spine causing spinal muscle strain, vertebrae misalignment, indigestion issues, imbalanced organs, endocrine disorders and other serious problems. This may cause the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum and tailbone to degenerate at an early age.

The radiation and the light emitted by the cell phone disturbs the nervous system in the brain causing sleep problems, mental problems, and mood problems. Cell phones also cause eye disease and vision problems. Extended cell phone usage is known to cause problems with concentration and focus, handling emotions and controlling impulses. It decreases the ability to express compassion and creativity. The feel-good chemical that’s released in the brain when experiencing success, achievement or happiness, is the same dopamine release process that triggers addiction to cell phones and chemicals, such as drugs and alcohol.

An addiction is defined as an individual’s inability to control the use of a substance or behavior in spite of negative consequences in one’s life. Many people who engage in cell phone usage to exclusion of other normal activities fall into this category definition. Dopamine is powerful. It helps sustain interest and attention, which is why, it can be so hard to stay away from cell phones. The more interest is experienced, the more dopamine is released, and the more attention is directed to the task at hand.

To help prevent cell phone addiction, acupressure, acupuncture, Bemer, Reiki, and Tuning Fork Treatments are suggested. These treatments can improve blood circulation, bring more nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Also, treatments can relive stress, improve sleep, mood, energy and balance the organs. Acupressure, acupuncture, reiki, and tuning fork treatments stimulate certain acupoints to heal the substania nigra and the ventral area in order to help balance dopamine production and help the brain function properly.

To help avoid addiction to the cell phone, set up a time for using the cell phone and limit the number of hours you use it daily.

Get support from family, friends, and addiction support groups in your community. Make rules to limit touching the cell phone, such as when taking a walk, riding a bike, driving a car, exercising, or taking a bath, or other ideas you may come up with.

Exercise regularly, take up a new hobby, or find alternative activities to fill the time.

Eat Organic whole foods, sleep 8 hours a night, especially during the winter months.
Charles Lightwalker is a shamanic practitioner, medical intuition trainer, and certified spiritual healer.
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