5 things people with cancer have in common and what you can do about it now.
by David DeHaas
Acidic Body.  Every client we have had over the last 12 years has tested Acidic.  Drinking alkaline water alone is not going to change it. Eating raw fruits and vegetables can.

Fungus/Yeast/Candida. If you have heavy metals, you have yeast. The biggest contributor to yeast is those Silver and Gold Amalgam fillings.  Yeast will prevent mercury from converting to Methyl mercury which is worse.  Yeast, however needs sugar to survive.  Your body will crave carbs and sugars.  You may notice itching skin, a white tongue, brain fog and fatigue.  In this instance it’s trying to save your life from the damage of mercury but it’s also creating cancer.  I find most people today are full of yeast.  Yeast slowly builds up and you don’t really understand what’s going on.  Your doctor may say its hormones, or a thyroid issue or chronic fatigue. But these are just symptoms of a greater underlying problem, Yeast.

When you do a colon hydrotherapy session you will see stringy white entities exit.

Parasites. Dr. Hulda Clarks in her research stated “if you want to get rid of cancer, get rid of the parasites”. You will be in remission as soon as you start. Don’t be in denial of having parasites. If you are acidic, you have created a perfect home for parasites.  Eating Sushi and pork, being around pets and people with parasites expose us 24x7.  Doing maintenance cleanses helps to keep the parasites passing thru the body.

Emotions.  One of the most overlooked causes of cancer is the emotional energy.  That ongoing negative mental battle you have with a family member is not serving your higher good and is at the heart of all cancers.  One of the biggest benefits from Colon Hydrotherapy is when you discharge the old waste old emotions come up. It’s the best time to let that stuff go.   

Toxins. There are over 80,000 chemicals that are listed. One of the biggest toxins is Glycosphate, used in the weed killer Roundup.  Now Glycoshphate is in large majority of our crops like Wheat, Alfalfa, Corn, Soybeans et.al.  Name the crop, unless its organic and been grown on soils never tainted with Glycosphate you have consumed it.

Dr. Huber PHD, discusses all the ramifications of glycosphate in our soils and plants and bodies on the Whole Body Detox Show May 30 and June 6th on Kido Talk Radio 580 AM 107.5 FM at 9 AM MST.  The entire Show will be on the Podcast June 7th.  It is mind boggling how this country still allows this ingredient to be produced after over 40 countries have had it banned. 

Solutions. The body is miraculous.  If one deep cleanses the body you’ll have the best shot of surviving any cancer. The Living Waters 10-day cleanse helps you cleanse Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.   Learn all about our 35-step process at www.4NaturalLawsofHealing.com

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