Trust; Your Ticket Through The Matrix
by Geri Habstritt, Medical Intuitive Quantum Healer 


On the path of spiritual awakening the biggest obstacle for me, my fellow travelers and my clients have had to overcome is self doubt. As a child we are so clear at knowing what is best for us, which way to go, what is truth and what is a lie. Young children can read energy and determine truth from falsehood very quickly. Then the child begins to take on the beliefs of the parents, teachers, cultures, community, doctors and so-called authorities and they lose their innate knowing in themselves and give their power/trust over to others. Gradually a life is lived being dependent on the advice of others who are operating on a small percentage of truth themselves.

Your key through this matrix is to trust yourself. We all have a soul that knows the way and is constantly guiding us if we can listen, trust and take action. The distractions are HUGE right now because there is a force that wants your energy so that you don’t trust yourself and you give your power to it. In order to trust, it’s imperative to unplug from it and give that energy to yourself. This is an act of self love. As you love and honor yourself more, give yourself the attention, forgiveness and compassion that you need to grow and blossom, the trust will evolve, as trust and love are the same. The more this self love, attention and trust is cultivated the more the soul says “Agh, someone is finally listening. Now I can tell, guide and show them more.” Once this compassion and connection is established, you can’t mess up as only the options that are for your highest will be presented.

This means being careful of how many spiritual leaders, teachers, books and websites you are giving YOUR energy to. How often do you get readings from others? How often do you base your path or create your future based on a horoscope or astrology reading? These are all ways we give our own power and trust away to someone or something else. Many of these tools people have relied upon are density tools created to help you navigate the 3rd dimension but won’t lift you to your freedom.

Freedom comes from within; expanding, growing, offering compassion, love and forgiveness to the self so that your wings can grow. As this love/trust relationship is cultivated, you will be inspired to take action and then “GO”. Taking action is imperative as your wings are there for you to fly.

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