Finding Balance amidst Chaos, division, confusion and sadness.

by Victoria Savage RN “Wisdom Guided Oracle”
Feeling as though you’re in a constant state of recalibration and shifting? Are you up..then down…then back up all in a space of a few hours?

Or maybe more like a rag doll put through the washing machine spin cycle…all rung out?

Are increased fatigue, increased pain, mood swings, sleep deprivation and anxiety constant for you these days?

It sounds a bit like being pregnant doesn’t it?

There’s a very good reason for this.

You are! We all are! We are in the midst of the third stage of birthing this new consciousness…new way of thinking.

And Anyone who’s ever given birth knows the third stage is the hardest!

The planetary alignments have been bringing in intense waves of energy we’ve had to keep readjusting to, and the collective consciousness has been in fear, anger, chaos, division and anxiousness….and we all feel this inside.

What can we do to survive this? More importantly, what can we do to THRIVE during this tumultuous time? Is it even possible to thrive right now?

Not only is it possible, it’s imperative that we as Empaths, Seers, Light Carriers, Light Holders, Knowers, Light Workers, Feelers and Seekers manage our energies, emotions and feelings right now.

We must manage our own energy, (remember, it’s all about you…no one can do your work and you can’t do anyone else’s for them,) and then reach out to one another in support for each other with our love, and with our abilities. Knowing you’re not alone or going crazy helps immensely during this world wide upheaval.

Nurture you right now. Take walks in nature, take baths, drink tea while listening to soothing music, eat chocolate, have dessert for dinner, take a drive in the country. Be kind to you and nurture you in whatever way feels right. Form a tribe or group to walk through this with.

Be intentional in meeting with them either in person or by electronic means. Either way you meet will work.

And maybe most important and very helpful…Get some energy work done and gain tools to better manage your energy moving forward.

I can help you with this. And there are many others doing this work right now as well.

If you’ve been suffering and don’t even know where to begin; we should talk.

Let’s schedule a 15 minute conversation to see where your next best step would be and get you moving forward, feeling lighter and more powerful in your life.

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