A Changing World - Is Shamanism the Answer?
by Charles Lightwalker


Our world is changing. Our “normal” routines, our lives have begun to adjust and shift. We must realize there is no way back to “normal” as it was. So traditional ways are no longer possible for successfully managing the challenges we face, such as social chaos, climate change, economic uncertainty, pandemics and more.

The time for endless debates on issues is over. We need to act now, we need to move forward with a new perspective, gain new insights and wisdom, and identify visionary solutions. We must be actively promoting change and transformation.

We must be looking at life with a holistic and shamanic view point. Shamanism is an ancient information technology; we can use shamanism to offer a valuable spiritual perspective.

If we want to create a sustainable survival planet and ourselves, we need to advance a holistic view point recognizing nature as the prototype of evolution. Nature is not mechanistic or materialistic as some would have us believe. Nature is biodiverse and cyclical. We must see everything as alive, the land, the rocks, the trees, plants, animals, and humans. The whole universe is wanting to interact if we are willing too. We must open are hearts and our minds to the natural cosmos.

Nature is a cycle of growth and decay. Nature is change and transformation. Nature is permeated within Shamanism, as shamanism is oriented to nature, but not as an intellectual concept on how we can understand nature. Rather shamanism is a straight forward and simple narrative of nature itself, a way to perceive, comprehend, and participate in the natural interplay of nature.

Shamanic practitioners as spiritual leaders serving their community, are seekers of balance and serve as agents of transformation. A shamanic practitioners responsibility is not to manipulate the natural way, but to maintain the flow of the cosmos.

Shamanic practitioners use ritual and ceremony to manifest spiritual power in ordinary reality to manage periods of transition and bring about a secure balanced way of life for all in the community.

Now is the time for humanity to embrace shamanism and its knowledge to create a world we can still thrive in, and enjoy with love, gratitude, and peace. For if we do not, we are headed for our own destruction, and the planets as well. Let’s see the current pandemic as a wake-up call to change ourselves, our planet, our future.

Are we brave enough to take the next step?

Charles Lightwalker is a shamanic practitioner, medical intuition trainer,
certified spiritual healer, and author, and can be reached at 509-389-7290
or emailed at charleslightwalker@yahoo.com