The latest Buzz-word Wellness…What is it really?
by Victoria Savage RN “Wisdom Guided Oracle”
Wellness...what is it really?
As we move into this new year which we hope will be so much better than last year, the term WELLNESS is popping up everywhere.
It’s in the news, on Social media, in grocery stores and even in the convenience stores.
These days we are hearing more and more about the need for it, and how valuable it is in our life, but what really is wellness?
I can tell you what it’s not...
It’s not freedom from sickness or disease.
It’s not losing in weight, taking vitamins, or doing yoga.
It’s not taking regular walks, or hiking to the highest peaks, or eating healthier.
It’s not making more money.
It’s not found in friendship or in a perfect mate or partnership.
It’s not found in social interaction.
It’s not found in any church.
Wellness is in none of these things, but it is in all of them.
There is no one single thing that will bring you to a state of wellness...actually this last statement isn’t correct...
There really is one single thing that will bring you to a state of wellness in every aspect of your life, not just the physical.
The very first step is the all-encompassing step, and from which all other wellness elements originate and fall into place as they are appropriate to you and your situation.
And, is exactly the same for every single person across the entire world!
Nothing can happen before this and nothing promotes overall wellness more powerfully or on a broader scale than this.
Wellness begins with The CHOICE!
You must CHOOSE to be well.
Now you’ll probably think, “this is too simple, or silly, or stupid because everyone wants to be well. No one wants to be unwell.”
But here’s the truth. Most of us spend our energies wishing for the symptoms and contributors to us being unwell to be different. We focus on them and agonize over them.
In essence, we feed the very things we don’t want to grow!
Once you make the choice to be well the Universe stands behind the energy and begins to match your vibration of wellness, and possibilities start showing up in your life to make that happen.
When you’re ready to make the choice for wellness, I’d love to help you move towards that goal. Together we can identify the energies present within you which are blocking your path to wellness and I can help you identify and remove them so your path to wellness becomes clearer, easier and way more fun!
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