Great Time To Be Alive!
by Geri Habstritt, Medical Intuitive Quantum Healer  

You’re probably saying “how can this be?”  I say, “what side of the yin/yang symbol are you living on?”  Both sides exist.  It’s a matter of what has your attention and where is your consciousness?  It’s all available.  We live in a world of polarity and choices.  We chose this as it offers us the greatest opportunity to expand consciousness and remember who we are through the matrix. 

ALL exists on this great planet.  You can be fully immersed in fear, pain, anger, doubt, victim consciousness, peace, love, joy or even bliss.  Because the energy presently is so magnified, the law of attraction has now shifted into the law of instant manifestation for those who can hold the consciousness of compassion and higher.  This is quite miraculous as everything in your energy field manifests instantly.  You can make leaps in consciousness that would have previously taken lifetimes and do it in years or even days.  If you have an unhealthy pattern you’re trying to shift, you can do it very quickly.  The opportunity to create and live the life of your dreams is easier than it has ever been, which is why there is an attack on your consciousness.

None of this is being broadcast.  Those that manipulate through the media want your consciousness wrapped in fear and doubt.  It offers them control and use of your energy to create more fear and separation.  They don’t have true power so they need the focus/energy of millions to amplify their agenda.  There is little energetic ramification as no one is being forced to watch the news.  They are using the collective addiction to drama to continue stoking their creation.  When you’ve had enough, you will simply unplug and take your power back. 

There are consciousness traps.  Anger is one of them.  Everyone is free to create whatever they want.  We are in a world where both dark and light NEED to exist in order for us to exist.  Activism will not fix anything as it comes with the underlying energy of anger, judgement and justification which is the same energy that created the “problem”.  To quote Einstein, “No problems can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created them.”  Conspiracy theories are an additional trap.

True power comes from an open, ignited and balanced heart.  One of these hearts will do the work of 100,000 others.  This is important and powerful if you are wanting to affect humanity, create balance and offer more harmony into the world. Just think of the world we could very quickly create if we put all of our time, attention and focus on opening our hearts?

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