What should matter.
by Shirley Scott - animal communicator/psychic/medium ~ 541-577-3051

It shouldn’t be about black or white, brown or yellow. 

It shouldn’t be about Democrat or Republican. 

It shouldn’t be about being vaccinate or unvaccinated. 

It shouldn’t be about who’s right or who’s wrong.  

It shouldn’t be about who won and who lost. 

It shouldn’t be about who has the most or the least. 

It shouldn’t be what you think I should do or not do. 

It shouldn’t be about a government having the power over me or my body or what I want to do with my body. 

It shouldn’t be “I told you so” or “Why don’t you think or believe like I do?” 

It shouldn’t matter if I eat sugar or meat or wheat or corn, it should matter what feels right to me. 

Your opinion is your opinion but that doesn’t make it mine so don’t try to make it mine.  Nor should one opinion become law.  We should all have the same rights just because we are human and are in this together, no matter what we look like, how much money we have or don’t have or our sex or the sex we relate too.  The only thing that should matter is the intention behind your thoughts, words or actions.  What should matter is your heart.

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