Nature Provides the Fun
by Alex Francis  ~  Manager at Wild Gemstones
Gazing at the delicate petals of a fragrant summer flower, one can’t help but be filled with wonder. It isn’t necessarily the science of flora reproduction or pollinator scavenging that causes one to feel so captivated. Nor is it necessarily the millions of years-old history of blooming evolution that has outlasted multiple mass extinction events on our planet. The sheer magic that happens at the very core of our existential awareness is due to something much simpler, requiring very little study or in-depth analysis. The fantastic power of flowers is that they hold an irresistible alluring quality, independent of anything or anyone; flowers are seductive sirens of pure fun and enjoyment. Perhaps this explains their longevity and guarantees their reign over hearts and minds for millions more years to come.
Put another way, what flowers provide to the world, besides the food-chain nourishment necessary for so much of nature’s sustenance needs, is spiritual bliss. Besides living creatures’ need for food, water, and shelter, they also need the inspiration to yearn to live, thrive and grow. As instinctual as bodily survival may be, anyone would attest to the need for vivacity in the heart as a prerequisite to desiring to care for the body - not just for human beings, either; the signs of downtrodden spirits in other living animals and even plants as well are readily noticeable. Might one be able to argue, then, that nature has provided its own inspiration to grow and thrive above and beyond even the soaring physical heights it has already reached, by providing necessary spiritual nourishment in forms such as flowers? Is it any wonder, then, that flowers and so much of nature instantly captivate our hearts and spur us onward toward our own blossoming and growth?
In conclusion, what all of us need to grow into our most alive selves, and what all of nature needs, is this sort of purely ‘fun stuff’ - things that just jump out and shout, ‘Life is worth living, if for nothing else, just for the enjoyment!’ Isn’t that what spirtitual bliss translates as, in common parlance: just plain old fun? Amazingly, but not suprisingly, nature provides this fun - open to anyone and anything with the wisdom and willingness to receive this abundant gift. This is one reason life continues to persist generation after generation, for eons on end, because a mystical myriad of never-ending fun stuff is at all of our doorsteps to enjoy. All we have to do is reach out and grab it! Fun awaits - find yours, whether in flowers, creeks, gemstones, dirt paths, trees, birds, sunshine or song! Celebrate being alive this summer - and always!