Re-Birthing Through Gratitude

by Geri Habstritt, Medical Intuitive Quantum Healer

The self realization process is one of constant rebirthing.  Life will often hand you challenges in which you will go through a forced rebirth, never fun but most always worth it.  You can follow your dreams and take action steps to make them happen.  This will initiate a natural rebirth or you can call on the energy of gratitude.  Gratitude seems so simple and cliche yet it is remarkably effective.

Years ago, I completed a challenging 7-year divorce in which I ended up momentarily losing almost everything including my children, friends, money and life as I knew it.  I hit rock bottom.  I couldn’t see or feel any type of positive future for myself even though I knew the potential existed.  Gratitude was the ladder I used to climb my way up back to the top.

To find gratitude for anything was a challenge to say the least.  I had to consciously work at it.  When I went to bed at night I would light a candle, play gentle music and find anything I could think of to be grateful for, like the fact I still had a healthy body, a place to live, I could breathe, see and potentially turn things around.  I remembered I was a creator and not a victim.  Sometimes it needs to start with being angry and being grateful you are angry. This is the first step of awareness.  Awareness is the first step of detaching yourself from the matrix.

The gratitude may not even feel sincere but this is how it often needs to begin when life has dealt you more than you can handle. Think of it like a snowball that starts out small, hard and dense and as you add to it the snowball becomes big, light and fluffy until it literally encompasses you.

Eventually the gratitude becomes more effortless.  People, relationships and everything around you will begin to reflect the gratitude back.  You will actually become a portal of gratitude that will delight you with many fun experiences.  Soon my circumstances began to turn around, relationships started mending, new relationships were created, money began returning and enormous wisdom was gained.

This is how I began to lift into the 5th dimension.  It started with gratitude and evolved into self compassion.  The compassion included A LOT of forgiveness of self and EVERYONE involved and release of self judgment.  Gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and release of self judgment is a constant spiral that I continue to practice each day to rebirth myself into a new future.

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