New Pets for Christmas
by Shirley Scott - Animal communicator/Psychic/Medium ~ 541-577-3051

Pets are cute under the tree but that doesn’t mean they make good gifts.  There is an enormous responsibility in caring for pets as well as a life-long commitment.

Pets cost money.    The estimated cost per year for a cat is $780 and $16,800 over a life time and dogs can be $1,570 a year and $22,000 up to $82,900 over their life time. 

You need to have time and space for a new pet.  People lose interest when the cute little puppy or kitten grow into an adult.  Most children are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of an animal.   

A pet can live 15 to 20 years which is a long time to commit too.  All members of the household should have a say and agree on a pet.  Everyone should have a share in taking care of the pet. 

Many animals receive abuse when people get tired of them.  Remember, animals love and feel the same emotions humans do.  When you drop them off at a shelter, they get depressed and wonder what they did wrong to be rejected.

If after you and the new parent agree on all the above issues, go to a shelter and shop for a pet there.  Don’t buy from a pet store as most of those pets are from puppy or kitten mills. Adopting an older pet has many advantages.

First, they are usually house broken.  Second, they are spayed or neutered.  Third, they’re so grateful for a second chance that you’ll find them loving pets.  Fourth, they’re usually trained in many commands already, like sit and stay and walking on a leash.  Fifth, they have less years to live so it’s not as long of a commitment.   Older pets make great companions!

Please think before you get a pet for someone for Christmas.  Make sure it’s right for both the human and the animal.

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