What if?
by Victoria Savage RN “Wisdom Guided Oracle”

In my world possibilities are constantly presenting themselves for my consideration.

How I move forward with any one possibility is directed by the energy of that specific possibility.

I offer Here, for your consideration, what is maybe a different perspective on all of this. One that I feel will empower many of you, right now to take charge, and step into your divine/personal/spiritual/energetic power during this lifetime.

What if, your soul pre-planned the learning opportunities it wanted to experience in this lifetime?              

o  What if, you got together with God? Creator? Source? And all the souls you will interact with here through a lifetime, and made agreements to help one another learn various lessons?

o  What if the one person you could justifiably hate in this lifetime, was the one who loved you the most on the “other side,” so they agreed to help you learn what you’ve chosen to?

o  What if you’ve chosen to help, and be helped by, others so that you each could learn what you’ve each chosen to learn during this lifetime’s journeys?

o  What if you can choose to accept your power in how the learning happens which is from your energetic field?

o  What if your energy goes out and finds energy that matches itself?

o  What if you can direct your energetic vibration and so choose the energetic vibration of the learning experience you’re going to journey with?

So then...

If all these “what if’s” are true, or at least possible, then it’s possible for you to choose to begin to feel more; ease, and happiness, as well as more balanced and peaceful inside yourself. 

But there are likely many energies you’ve taken on throughout your life that have you stuck, because that’s what happens.

With various traumas, heartbreaks, and negative experiences that you experience in a lifetime, the heavy energies get trapped inside us. They stand in your way of your smoothest forward movement.

But you don’t have to stay stuck in this energetic vortex of negativity any longer.

It’s a choice…

Your choice.

I can help you release these heavy limiting energies. Whether by phone or in person, together we can identify these energies, find out how long they’ve been present, if they’re ancestral and/or past life, and then we pull them. We then replace It (because we never want to leave a vacuum,) with energy that supports your choice to live in your highest and best good and move into your intended path on earth at this time.


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