Elections, Pandemics and Chaos Oh My!
by Victoria Savage RN ?Wisdom Guided Oracle?


Okay so we survived 2020 just to enter into 2021 with more violence, upheaval and division! Every news channel is spouting their certain type of fear and blame because fear is easily manipulated.
That?s the job of the media!
All of the media.
Each one has an agenda!
That agenda is to keep you in fear so they can direct your reactions to whatever their platform is. All this fear is circulating around each of us and we each share ours with the world around us and this expands because WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!!
How does someone who?s aware of their energy and is reading (feeling) all this crazy energy survive in this?
Better yet, how does one thrive in spite of this?
It?s all about choice, focus and choice! I wrote choice twice because that is the biggest tool in your wellness toolbox. Choice is the springboard for everything in your life. You?re the one who rows your boat. You choose where you direct it, and what types of environment you expose your boat to. No one makes you feel a certain way, no news program can instill fear unless you give it entry into your boat. You make a conscious choice to allow it in your presence.
In order to maintain balance and not get thrown from one emotion to another, making a choice about what to allow into your focus is key.
But what about all that ?collective energy? which is so very heavy and fearful right now? How can you keep your energy system (feelings and emotions) from being weighed down when you?re an empath constantly reading all of this with your personal radar?
Here?s how...daily practice of connecting to your higher power, raising your own vibration and intention to stay balanced.
Your intention is so powerful in all of this. It?s the choice part of it all.
When you intend to stay balanced, various tools to help you do that present themselves to you.
One way to raise your vibration and clear the heavy energy is the Pure Love and Joy tool. Sounds like noting...but it?s something!
Set a timer for 2 minutes and bless everything you see or think of with Pure Love and Joy. Pay attention as you do this and truly intend for love to be shed on the things or people you?re thinking about. When the timer goes off see how much lighter you feel inside!
You just took charge of your energy and emotions!
Need a little more energy clearing work? I can help.
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