Are you Reacting or Creating?
by Rand Gholson, EEM-AP ~ (805) 709-4263

In todays complicated society, there are two primary approaches to dealing with daily life, social media, our jobs, school and relationships.

These two approaches are:

1.     Reactive approach- this is where our behavior is modified much like Pavlov’s dog (with positive reinforcement), or modified through fear-based tactics (often referred to as propaganda inundation). Our decisions are based upon these modifications.

2.     Creative approach- making decisions based upon calm, centered and grounded observations, and the decisions that come from that basis.

These approaches are compounded by the effect they have upon our biological and emotional conditions. Living in fear base results in storing these negative energies in our tissues and thoughts, resulting in reduced immune capacity, illness and emotional susceptibility to the heavy energies of depression, addiction, anger, despair and hopelessness.

Living in the Creative approach, one stays primarily grounded and in parasympathetic response (calm) to what life brings our way. This gives us the capacity to look at options and choices, objectively. Choosing what is in our highest good instead of being in the pressures of conforming from fear or mistrust.

Please understand that you can evolve from a Reactive process to a Creative process. It’s a choice, you can learn to walk in Peace and self-confidence that is not based upon the expectations of others.

If you wish to learn some basic methods on how to create a more balanced set of energy systems for yourself, how to build a secure foundation of your energies, consider attending this Free class with Rand- “Learning the Eden Daily Energy Routine”, on May 11, at 6:30 PM. (See Events Calendar on page 13.)

Rand Gholson is the founder of Energies Rising, an alternative healing coaching
and educational business. He is located in Meridian, Idaho.