Do You Need Inspiration?
by Badeish Lange ~ 208-735-5376 ~
The inspiration of great principles are sorely needed now by many people feeling discouraged.  If we want to kindle the imagination and rouse the spirit, we must get back to spiritual principles.
This is why I write a “Spiritual Digest” found on my website.  It is why I follow a calling to help create a new way of life through guidance that begins with relating lessons for individual regeneration.  You may have heard this before or you’re hearing it clearly for the first time, as it is a significant spiritual truth in need of sharing. 
Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that alone he can do nothing meaningful.   He may feel confused, wanting to do something, asking “What to do?” 
What if man believed in a reality where anything is possible?  How would that change life?  What other realities are held in the higher regions of the Soul, unknown and unused? 
Everything depends upon man’s attitude towards himself; that which he will not affirm as true within himself can never develop in his world. 
The belief system is like a train on a track; whatever track has been laid will go to exactly the “reality” that lies on that rail line.   If you do not like where you’re heading, you must change the destination.
Riding on tracks of fear will eventually produce exactly those things you fear.  This result is inevitable; all energy attracts like energy.
A change in your “belief system” is an amazing adjustment.  You start a new relationship between the conscious mind and unconscious mind.
You change the kinds of things you give meaning and preference to and this switches you onto a new “track” with a new destination.
Remember your intentions, focus and attitude are the engine, the power source of your life.  Commit yourself to operate from a position where “All is possible.” 
The fruition of dreams comes by asking.  If your intent is strong and clear, you will open expanded moments of creativity.
Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful.  Just put forth a clear enough request and everything your heart desires must come to you.
Spiritual freedom comes when you stop struggling, worrying and needing.  Knowing that you are a Divine Being with volition to choose a desired path frees you to believe that it will occur.
Thoughts are energy moving outward into the Unified Field, changing it and building new structures.  By holding fast to specific desires, specific energy is launched, builds, and then returns.
Begin mulling over the wonderful things that you want in your life, think about them in great detail and as you fall asleep each night, return your mind to them when you awaken in the morning with more than hope, you could start feeling what is called spiritually a KNOWING.
Thank You for Listening, Badeish Lange