Love Your Ego To Freedom
by Geri Habstritt, Medical Intuitive Quantum Healer  

How do you get out of your own way so you can receive all that you are calling in, be the person you know you came here to be and live in the spaciousness and freedom of your soul’s energy?  The answer lies within your intention, your ability to trust your soul’s guidance and to relax your ego enough so that you don’t self sabotage.

The ego has been referred to as a “sly pirate”.  It masquerades itself as the true you and much of the time you can’t tell whether it’s your soul that is guiding or the unhealed inner child that is afraid.  The ego is directly connected to the inner child. If it’s your intention to lift in consciousness or to free yourself from the illusions of this world it is imperative to heal and LOVE the inner child or it (ego) won’t allow you move forward.  If you can imagine a young child standing outside the school waiting for a parent to pick her up and the parent is late so the child is scared she has been forgotten. This is how the ego reacts.  Each time you are ready to take a leap in expansion the ego fears it’s going to get left behind and will do whatever it can to stop you. This usually shows up as missed appointments, accidents, distractions, the body freaking out and many other outer experiences that are easy to blame on something else, when in fact, it is the ego creating unconscious experiences to stop you so that it may feel safe.

If you write out this sentence stem “Something I wish I would have heard as a child from my mother or father is ________.  Some of your answers might reflect “I love you”, “You are appreciated”, “You are good enough” and “You belong”.  This will give you insight into what you are needing to give yourself in this moment in order to heal your inner child.  If you experienced abuse or trauma, you will need more assistance to resolve the hurts, like EFT.  Counseling will help you cope but won’t fully release the energy. 

Try pulling out your favorite photo of you as a child and offer your love to it.  Give that child the words and love that you wanted to hear as a child.  Decorate the photo with joy and add items and color to it that make you happy.  You will literally be able to watch your inner child transform.  A happy inner child will offer you freedom to soar.

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