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The Positive Entry of Jupiter into Pisces
We open June, just having entered the 2nd Mercury Retrograde period of 2021.  As noted in last month’s column, this is a time to attend to the “Re’s” of our world – reconsider, recreate, reinvent, reflect until June 22nd when Mercury will go direct.  Then, what we have discovered & retooled in the weeks before can be applied to our lives.  We are ready to move forward. 
Magic Ahead!!
Let us turn our gaze now on Jupiter, the planet of optimism, luck, expansion, truth & coherence.  Between 2020 and early 2022, “Jupiter has expanded or will expand our world with the authoritarian rigour of Capricorn and the inventive humane wisdom of Aquarius. Now comes the empathetic search for natural decency in Pisces.” ¹
May 13th through July 28th & Dec 29th through May 10th, 2022 Jupiter enters into its favored sign of Pisces.
Jupiter will bring its magic into our lives.
Jupiter is a highly spiritual energy, bringing opportunities to be in greater connection to others and to our own souls, experiencing a deeper awareness of ourselves & others.  Our intuition & creativity can increase.  We likely will be able to see the Big Picture more clearly, as we imagine a positive future vision for ourselves and the world. 
Let’s explore Jupiter more personally.  Reflecting on what was happening for you when Jupiter was last in Pisces in 2010 can shed understanding of how Jupiter may affect you this time.  What were the themes?   The same events will not likely occur, however you may find that you will be able to make progress on gifts you discovered then & on similar life lessons.
With your chart in hand, look to the house where Pisces falls. In these areas of life, be open to new opportunities.  If you have planets in Pisces, know that in the year ahead, Jupiter will bring its blessings.  If your Jupiter is in Pisces, this year will begin a new cycle!  With a Pisces Sun or Pisces Rising, this will be a year to shine, a time to experience abundance & goodness.
What do you wish for your life?  As Jupiter moves through Pisces, we all have the opportunity to experience Jupiter’s lucky energy of expansion and abundance.
¹Roy Gillett “Believing Together” The Astrological Journal May/June 2021
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