Intuitive Static
by Charles Lightwalker

We all can have distortion or static on our intuitive channel. They can be outside influences or internal influences. Outside disruptions can be caused by the conversation we had with our spouse, child, parent, boss, coworker, or client, the movie we just watched, the television shows we watch. Internally, they are created by what we are thinking moment to moment, our beliefs, habits and patterns.

We do not have a lot of control over the outside distortions we receive, however we do have control over our internal intuitive channel, if we know how to identify these distortions. Once we identify the source of our internal disruptions, we can eliminate them, and open our intuitive channel to allow clear transmission of intuitive knowledge to flow.

The six main causes of intuitive static (disruptions) are: stress/fear, preconceived ideas, alcohol, drugs, wishful thinking, not believing we are intuitive.

So, let?s explore more in depth the six main disruptions or static to our intuitive abilities.

Stress/Fear, when we experience these disruptors, its because the rhythms of the heart and brain go into erratic patterns that make connection to your higher mind- intuitive nature impossible.

Preconceived Ideas, if we believe there is only one answer to a question, then intuitive flow is blocked.

Alcohol distorts one?s ability to function properly and allow the flow of intuitive energy to clearly come through.

Drugs do not allow you to focus on your natural intuitive state and interferes with internal coherence.

Wishful Thinking having a deep desire for something to turn out a specific way, being attached to specific outcome.

Not Believing You Are Intuitive Everyone is intuitive; it is normal and part of our biological makeup. However, the world tends to favor the logical, rational mind set. So, anything that is outside the ?norm? as society sees it is labeled supernatural, psychic, or weird. It is fear of the ?unknown? that prevents us from embracing our natural intuitive intelligence. You need to believe that you are blessed with this intuitive intelligence, and that it is completely normal.

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