Advancing Your Energy through Crystals
by Badeish Lange
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In the aftermath of extreme physical or emotional exertion, the effects of fatigue are sure to follow.  Periods of tiredness can last a few hours or much longer in extreme cases.
In today’s wearisome times with stress bombarding us from all sides, work (or lack thereof), family, children, physical illness, and finances, it may all seem overwhelming. Under extreme stress, our bodies and minds can shut down.
Fortunately, the battle over fatigue can be overcome. There are a number of crystals that can assist and give you that much-needed boost of energy. 
Generally speaking, when faced with fatigue, choose stones that are associated with the element of fire.  The Fire Element is energy personified. Stones ruled by Fire are often ruled by the Sun or the planet Mars and are almost always red in color. 
If you want to combat fatigue choose the crystals in this category:  Ruby, Garnet, Red Jasper or Amber.  Because fatigue may also bring with it bouts of depression and/or insomnia, Amethyst and Green Aventurine are also useful.
Ruby is a deep red crystal of the Element of Fire and is ruled by the planet Mars. This powerful energizer increases blood flow, enhances stamina and gives you renewed energy.  Use it on the sacral or root chakra.  Raw, uncut rubies are much less expensive and are perfect for this type of healing. 
Garnet is a burgundy-red stone also ruled by Fire and planet Mars.  Placed on the root chakra, it can improve circulation and increase a sense of vitality you may be missing. 
Red Jasper is the “Warrior Stone”.  This red stone is, like Ruby and Garnet, ruled by Fire and Mars.  It is indispensable when you need to increase stamina, enhance circulation and give a great boost of energy to your system.
Amber is the remnants of ancient plants and insects encased in fossilized tree resin and is associated with Fire and the Sun.  This fiery, golden-orange stone recharges your energy levels by stimulating a more positive attitude.  If your emotions are running rampant due to emotional overload, place Amber on the solar plexus or sacral chakra to even out emotional stress. 
Amethyst is a calming stone for those suffering from fatigue due to emotional overload. This purple crystal is ruled by the element of Air and the planet Jupiter.  It’s regarded as an excellent healing stone for emotional fatigue, insomnia and headaches.  It also balances blood-sugar levels and has been known to recharge other stones.  Place it on your brow chakra or under your pillow at night.  Of course, it can be worn or carried. 
Aventurine, although green, is a wonderful crystal for clearing away negativity, increasing optimism and bringing about a more positive outlook.  It’s a more gentle energizing stone but can still encourage a renewed zest for life.  It is an Earth stone and is ruled by Mercury.  Aventurine is used on the heart chakra to calm panic-attacks and anxiety associated with emotional fatigue. 
Some of you may be wondering why the elements and planets are listed with the crystal descriptions.  I’ll explain.  Each element – Earth, Air, Fire and Water--- and each planet from the Sun to Pluto correspond to different energies, emotions, attributes and colors. 
   •      Fire is associated with the color red and is used for physical strength, stamina, protection, energy and courage.
   •      Water is blue and is used for healing, relaxation, sleep, and psychic abilities.
   •      Earth is governed by green and is used for grounding, peace, stability, fertility, money and gardening/
   •      Air is yellow and is the element of communication, travel and all things regarding the intellect.
Planets mentioned in this article are Mars, the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. 
   1.     Mars is for courage, passion, protection and strength and is ruled by red. 
   2.     The Sun deals with physical energy, protection, healing and success and its color is gold or yellow. 
   3.     Jupiter is for meditation, spirituality, success and psychic awareness and its color is purple. 
   4.     Mercury governs communication, wisdom, self-improvement, study and travel and its color is yellow.
All crystals can be re-charged by placing them in the Sun, the Moonlight, placed in sand or positioned inside a charged clear quartz crystal.
Thank you for listening,  Badeish Lange