Seven Reasons to Seek Clarity Now
by Julie Matheson
There have been times I’ve sat with clients who couldn’t name their thoughts, feelings and opinions about something in their life, even when the topic was very important to them. The reasons for this vary widely and may include having felt shut down by others, or challenged for one’s opinion, frozen emotions, lack of practice naming thoughts and feelings, to name a few.
The truth will set you free: in my line of work, the objective is to clear out limiting thoughts and beliefs to make way for more life-affirming (and functional) thoughts and beliefs to take hold. (We do this through a writing process I teach.) Therefore, being able to identify thoughts, feelings and beliefs is the first step. How can you transform a current way of thinking if you can’t name it? You can’t.
Therefore, in a sense, in our sessions together, I am asking you to be true to yourself over and over again with every line we write. And, offering you permission to have the thoughts and feelings you have, without any judgement. Often the answers to our tangled emotions are close at hand yet we need to give ourselves permission to seek them.
Here are 7 (hopefully) inspiring reasons to encourage you to seek clarity now, on any topic:
1. Clarity keeps us reality based. Emotional trauma, and we all have it, can distort how we perceive interactions with others. When we stop to cultivate clarity, it brings us home to the reality of the here and now. What did I hear verses what was actually said. Did I ask for clarity or did I make an assumption? Did I take something personally that wasn’t personal?
2. Clarity saves your precious energy. What energy-draining dilemma cycles in your mind? First formulate a clear inquiry: what’s the issue? Now imagine your life as it might be with that issue fully resolved. One of my favorite sayings is, “In duality, every problem has a solution, or else the problem couldn’t exist.” The sooner you find clarity with it, the sooner you will have more energy for more life-giving matters.
3. Clarity can create lasting joy. And, that’s largely because clarity encourages better decision making. The future is a moving target we choose in every now moment. Decisions we make today determine future outcomes. The big decisions: if you get married, who you marry, if you have children, how many children you have… are all huge decisions that affect your future joy.
4. Clarity sharpens your awareness of cause-and-effect. Before you make any decision, play it out in your mind first. How do you see things going? Tap into possibility. How have similar decisions unfolded before? What is different this time, if anything? Circle back later to evaluate how things turned out. Welcome a learning curve. Studying cause-and-effect as our choices play out is super fun.
5. From clarity comes conviction! Knowing what you want is over half way to being there. The positive forces of the universe rush toward clarity to make it a reality. All you have to do is know what you want. Tomorrow as you are waking up, ask yourself, “What do I really want?” If it feels easy to commit to the honest response you hear, there’s your answer.
6. True clarity banishes doubt. Military pilots have a saying: “If there’s doubt, there is no doubt.” In other words, if you are questioning something, it’s a “no”. My mind too often tries to talk me out of red flags that, in hindsight, are so glaringly easy to see. It helps when I remember, “If there is doubt, there is no doubt”.
7. Clarity sets things in motion. Better yet, writing it down makes it real. One of my favorite client reviews was, “I’m doing the work I want to do, working with people I enjoy, because Julie said, “Write it down!”.”
Creating time and space to honor your true thoughts and feelings is a blessing and can only add to your inner peace and harmony. No matter what the topic, give yourself the precious gift of clarity every single day. When someone speaks their truth with absolute clarity and conviction, no matter what it is, it’s beautiful.
If you need help finding clarity (on any topic), please reach out. We’ll throw a goal on the page and see what we can do. 
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