2024 New Year Commitment

Excerpt from Enough As You Are by Scott Stabile

If you make one commitment,  let it be to love yourself as wildly as possible.                      No exceptions. No condi­tions. No restraint.

Repeat these words:

I commit to loving myself with everything I’ve got, even when I’m inclined not to, even when my mind directs me otherwise, even when others treat me poorly, even when I’m exhausted and overwhelmed and feel like I have noth­ing more to give. Even then, I will give my love to my­self, because I am important, and worthy, and divine. I will love myself wholly, wildly, and without inhibition because I understand that by doing so I open my entire world to choices, connections, and realities rooted in this love I give to myself. By loving myself, I invite love into every aspect of my life, as well as the lives of everyone I encounter. I commit to loving myself because I am a being of love and function at my beautiful best when I live in, from, and with this astounding wealth of love I have to share. For these reasons, and for every other life-affirming reason that ex­ists in this world, I hereby commit to loving myself with absolutely everything I’ve got.
You are worth this pledge to yourself. It will change every­thing.