7 Hermetic Principles of the Universe
By Nate Gatfield ~ 208-258-4971 ~ www.Natism.com
If you want to learn to control your life in ways that you never thought possible, I suggest learning how to use the 7 Hermetic Principles of the Universe. The 7 Principles or laws come from The Kybalion, which is based on the sacred writings of Hermes Trismegistus. I will give a brief description for those that have not heard of them, with a sample of how they have helped me.
#1: Principle of Mentalism-  All is mind and everything is mental. Everything first started as a thought and everything that is experienced in life is mental. Life is experienced through electrical pulses from our senses to create the world we live in. This principle helps me understand how to manifest things in my life with more ease.
#2: Principle of Correspondence-  As above, so below. As within, so without. Everything that we experience in life is a mirror of our internal state of being. If someone is angry, everything that they experience causes more anger. If someone is joyful, they will receive more joy from the outer world. I have harnessed this through meditation to make my life far happier than it used to be.
#3:  The Principle of Vibration-  Everything is always in motion from atoms to galaxies. Nothing is ever completely still. With an understanding of this principle, I find it is easier to except changes in life.
#4:  The Principle of Polarity- Every whole thing has a pair of opposites. Positive and Negative, Democrat and Republican, Science and Religion. Often the closer that you get to the center where polarity meet, the truth is found. I can see the manipulation done by organizations trying to control me.
#5:  The Principle of Rhythm- Everything has a rhythm such as ocean tides, breathing, and pendulums. Rhythms can be nullified to a certain extent with understanding. I am still working on how to consciously utilize my own rhythms to make them work for me and not against me.
#6:  The Principle of Cause and Effect- Everything has a cause and everything has an effect. This is why we have Karma, but it works in other areas of life also. Do something negative to someone and it will eventually come back to the person. I have been trying to create positive causes so I can have positive effects in my life.
#7:  The Principle of Gender- Everything has gender. Even our brains. The right half is feminine and the left is masculine. I have been balancing both my halves of my brain through meditation to enhance my life and become more complete.