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Hello Hedra Readers,

Thank you for the questions and topics you submitted for this month’s issue.

One of the themes running through the topics submitted was “How do I manage my own well-being during these wild times?”  This is such a great question and a really broad topic.  I’ve put together a smorgasbord of strategies to help navigate the waters in which we find ourselves.

            Tending To Your Nervous System

Beneath the level of your conscious awareness, your nervous system is constantly scanning the environment for information about your level of safety and influencing the landscape of your moods and feelings.  Support your nervous system by giving yourself experiences of connection, safety and nurturing with activities that you know will provide positive feelings for you.  A few things that support my system are warm baths with Epsom salts or essential oils, talks with a good friend, time in nature or time with a cherished animal.  Think of the things that feel good to you or pick any of the ideas in this smorgasbord to support your nervous system.

            Enjoy your Senses

Close your eyes and feel the temperature of the air or the breezes on your skin.  Smell the roses or your favorite fragrances.  Eat your favorite foods and take time to enjoy the texture, taste and smell of the food.  Choose things to contact your skin that give you enjoyable sensations.  I have a throw blanket that feels exquisitely soft on my skin and I love the feeling of moving a smooth rock around in my hand.  For a friend of mine who deals with chronic physical pain, the fragrance and sight of fresh flowers give her great pleasure and even reduce the level of her pain.

            Move Your Body

One thing I’ve been enjoying (and find amusing as well) is playing with the kind of dance/stance that a tennis player takes when preparing to receive a serve. You know, that “I’m ready to move - I’m nimble and mobile” kind of stance.  These days I sometimes feel that life is “serving up” balls from several directions and this dance supports me in being available for the toss.

Other types of movement can support your nervous system also.  Dance and sing wildly to your favorite music; walk around your neighborhood changing up your pace and route; jiggle and wiggle; do some easy gentle stretching, particularly in new ways.  Use your imagination to bring new options to your pleasurable movement.

            Bridge Realities

Keep your attention fluid and moving.  When you find you are fixated on how things are, or what you want but don’t have or what you want to change, try this bridge move.

Say “how it is, is_________________ and what I desire is_________________.”

Try several rounds of this with the same topic, or with new items.  If it is the same item, emphasize different words in the sentence each time you say the bridging statement.

As you say the first half of the sentence, in some way move the right side of your body.  Wave your arm or make circles with your right foot or something else.  As you say the second half of the sentence, in some way move the left side of your body.  Get creative with your movement and allow yourself to be curious without trying to make anything happen or figure anything out.  Do the bridging statements for 3 minutes at least.

            Do Something You Are Good At

Anytime, but especially in times of uncertainty, taking a vacation in the land of something you are really good at (and enjoy doing) can be better than taking a trip.  Try this daily, or as often as possible, and don’t forget to enjoy and appreciate yourself.  I love gardening and my yard is beautiful, so when my system needs some tending, I find satisfaction there.  I also enjoy restoring wood trim.  What activities give you that sense of satisfied accomplishment?

            Ask For Support

Ask a friend, coworker, your guides or angels for support.  Pray or meditate or simply ask your higher power for support.  If it’s a friend you are asking for support, make sure it is someone you know loves you no matter what and has your best interests at heart.  An intuitive reading can help you feel refreshed and renewed.  At times it feels easier to go it alone, but the times I’ve overcome my discomfort in asking another for support, I’ve been grateful that I have.

May you surf September with ease and grace.  If you have any comments, want further information about the topics in this article or have questions on another topic, please reach me at:   contact@hedranews.com and put “Anna’s Advice” in the subject line.

I’ll see you here next month.

Stay safe, Anna

Anna Downing ~ 303-912-7138 ~ www.insightfularts.com