Are Your Children in a Pressure Cooker?
By Brent Feinberg


We are in the year 2019 and with all the modern advancements we have definitely achieved greater states of comfort, efficiency and ease of living. The majority of people in America have their basic needs of food, housing and education being met. All this and yet one aspect is a standout: so many children, teens and adults are grappling with issues causing extreme anxiety and other mental and emotional challenges. The suicide rate amongst youth is unprecedented and the number of teens clinically diagnosed with anxiety is cause for immediate attention, concern and action.

The pressure to be accepted into top colleges and fit into society is damaging our teens.  Teenage years are a time filled with great energy, curiosity and exuberance. This time should be about possibility for learning and new experiences but instead for many it is a time that is filled with crippling stress, anxiety and fear. What is the source creating so much discomfort?

One big factor of teenage pressure is their parent’s expectations. The expectations of parents for their children to follow a particular path in life can be extremely stressful. Their emphasis on college and certain degrees being the only way to success is shattering the spirits of youth globally. With information and learning so easily accessible due to technology there are many routes and paths to become successful, self-sustainable and fulfilled in an ever-changing world environment. Although I am pro college education, it is certainly not for everyone and not getting into college or the right college certainly is not worth the inner torment youth are experiencing at this prospect.

Social media is a never ending source of information - positive and negative. There is no way out to disconnect and reconnect with self and those around us in a human manner without tech stimulation. Private lives are now very public and our children who do not yet have a strong self-esteem are vulnerable to the criticism and expectations of a fickle society. 

“All learning is an expansive experience unless it is forced upon you,” Sadhguru.

The way we learn and develop is shaped early on in life by our parents and environment. As people we have an innate desire to learn and expand. Society has created an image that we as adults tend to push our children into without regard to their natural talents or capacity. Fear of failure is impressed upon our children and youth with a narrow vision of what success looks like. Instead of living life with joy, excitement and curiosity they are instead trying desperately to fit into a mold that they do not always fit into.

Connecting children with dreams, their own passion and purpose is important to enable them to feel fulfillment and success throughout their lives. We only feel successful if we accomplish the goals we set out to achieve, not the goals of others. Encouraging children and teenagers to dream helps them develop a real sense of who they are. Teaching them that each day brings an opportunity to learn and grow no matter if they are facing challenges or joy. It is important for them to realize and understand that every person is faced with challenges. This gives an essential perspective of life’s journey. By providing them with a loving, supportive space to communicate easily can give them the knowledge that they have a team to turn to when they need to.

Then show them to have fun !!!  Live life with joy and love. Teach them to embrace compassion and empathy for themselves and others and support them in being the best version of themselves.


Brent is a bestselling author who at the young age of 28 is committed to making sustainable impact in the world especially for children. Through his exceptional writing skills his books take the reader on a journey of self-discovery and joy. He is an integrative healer and author, born in Johannesburg South Africa 27 June 1990.
He was raised with the messages from Nelson Mandela who he spent time with as well as others such as Steve Biko’s son – Nkosinathi Biko and Deepak Chopra. He has worked with orphan and vulnerable children and youth as well as many others along his journey. He gives of himself so that others will have the skills and tools to live a life that they love and get involved to create a world where all individuals share an experience based on justice, love, self-awareness and greater consciousness. He is a Triple Reiki Master – Reiki Master Usui, Reiki Master Karuna, Reiki Master Lightarian. He started his training in 2004 at the age of 13. Brent is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. Qualified Yoga Teacher. Practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation.
Through the many years of experience and studying, he has developed a great understanding of consciousness based health care and wellbeing. Brent has an understanding of many cultures through immersion by living and travelling in many different countries.