A Time of Connecting Your Heart and Your Voice

by Rand Gholson, EEM-AP
We generally think of communication as just being about our voice, and that our voice naturally flows from our throat.

Another piece to communication exists and that is the heart. While our communication can be influenced by different conditions inside of us, like our digestive system when we are hungry or a site with pain from an injury, we have the opportunity to generate authentic communication from our heart to the world. Heart energy is great connecting energy.

When we communicate from the level of our soul or from love, we are working with the energy of Heart Chakra. One of the facets of the Heart energy is the connection between the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra.

There exists an energy pathway and line of connection that runs between them that allows the heart to communicate through our throat, which is the center of communication and reception, or giving and receiving. This shows up in the Throat Chakra through our gifts of expression, speech, singing, our writing, our tears and sometimes when we chose to be silent.

Our artistic expressions flow from Heart through Throat as well, be it painting, poetry, music or design. It is a huge gift to be able to freely express. When this is open, our communication can be done with courage, truth, humility, and compassion. We can know when to speak and what to say, and when to be quiet, and not say anything, which can be equally as powerful.

Self expression, and speaking up for yourself is crucial to opening the heart and accepting oneself. Practice sending the energy of your heart up into the throat as you breathe and feel those energy centers connect, allowing your free expression of self to the world.

Rand Gholson is the founder of Energies Rising, an alternative healing coaching and educational business.
He is located in Meridian, Idaho. ~ (805) 709-4263