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Could it be Your Thyroid?

Feeling tired with chronically cold hands and feet?

Is your quality of life where you want it?

If you think you could feel better, then, finish reading this article.

Dr. Mary, director of Integrative Medicine of Idaho is constantly researching and looking for the fountain of youth. There is no one fountain of youth but there are many little fountains that restore youth in our aging bodies.

The most important hormone in our bodies is our thyroid!

Your energy production and overall health depends on how well your active thyroid hormone enters into your mitochondria.

Our clinic has a new non-invasive reflex test that correlates with the thyroid levels in your cells.

This test is personalized to your unique metabolic profile.

Did you know that only 18% of your thyroid hormone is in your blood? How accurate, then, is the blood test for TSH? 

TSH stands for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. The complexity of the thyroid feedback system is extraordinary and simple at the same time.

TSH is secreted by the brain to help your gland make more thyroid. This complex feedback loop has many areas where it can go wrong in response to our genetics and environment. Remember that our health is a result of 20% genetic and 80% environmental factors.

Essentially, your TSH may look normal in the blood while your cells are screaming for active thyroid hormone to assist metabolism.

What is your body temperature? Is it below 98.6?  Body temperature, symptoms and your reflex response rate are the most accurate signs of thyroid levels. 

Closely related to the thyroid gland and critical to your wellbeing are the adrenals which are located above the kidneys.

If you wake up tired, need naps, have rashes, brain fog, digestive problems or other complaints, your adrenals are likely either overstimulated or burned out. 

At IMI, we provide a symptom questionnaire and a 10 minute reflex test to assess the question of why you feel suboptimal. Any symptoms you have are likely a result of thyroid and adrenal dysfunction.

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