Diagnostic and Biofield Clearing with a Candle

Since ancient times, people have known that element Fire clears and burns the negativities that sticks to the aura of a person.

The uniqueness of the candle flame impact on the biological field of a person is that it helps to clear the body of all negative that accumulates in us day after day; it absorbs fatigue, irritation, resentment and other destructive feelings.

I use candles to diagnose and clear energy fields in a person. By the reaction of the candle, i.e., by the color of the wax flow and the form of solidified wax, I can determine the degree of negative energy in a person.

For diagnostic I use special candles that were blessed in a Russian monastery. They are made of beeswax mixed with frankincense. The vibrational energies of frankincense are powerful against any unwanted spirits, entities, and negative presences. Beeswax is a unique conductor that can “absorb” energy and information. That is because the beeswax is a living, organic product that has absorbed the sun’s energy.

You can see the actual results of my work of diagnostic and biofield clearing using candles in the pictures. Pictures 1-5 show indications of different forms of negativity, damage of energy fields, energy vitiation, evil eye, and curses. Pictures 6-8 depict candles after several sessions of clearing. The wax has low to no sagging without any dark coloring. Pictures 9-12 show severe energy vitiation. You can even distinguish the specific figures.

Sometimes one session is enough to remove minor negativities. Sometimes it is necessary to have from 3 to 12 or 15 sessions. Depending on the result of diagnostic, we can plan the duration and frequency of the clearing sessions.  In severe cases, like energy vitiation, we work together. I offer healing protocols that should be followed strictly to get positive results.

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With Love always,
Valentina, M.A., Intuitive Counselor, Claircognizant,
Metaphysical Mentor, Energy Healer. ~ 429-6393