Ego Good-Bad?
by Charles Lightwalker


I have studied mind-body-spirit for over 40 years now. And have concluded that the Ego does not cause a person emotional, mental, or spiritual issues.

Your ego allows you to feel your divine nature, the greatness of your being. It allows you to feel fantastic about yourself when you do things well. When you feel the “spirit” within you, when you feel fantastic about yourself, you create your life moving in the direction of love, happiness, and goodness. Which makes the ego a valuable aspect of being a human being. The source of all there is, Spirit, infused ego into us during our creation.

Spirit feels pleased when we humans do good. The ego can discern between good and bad, the ego just does not direct us, nor cause us to make choices. Other aspects of our mind cause us to do that. Without ego, we as humans would have no reason to exist.

Human life without an ego would be like having sex with the sensation of an orgasm. Is it the orgasm that causes us to continue to seek the pleasure we experience from sex, and that is what makes us promiscuous? No, it does not. It is another part of our mind that motivates our choices on what creates pleasure. We tend to be motivated to do things and create beliefs in an attempt to feel good about ourselves, especially when our ego has been bruised or broken. The two defenses we use to make us feel good about ourselves is intellectualization and rationalization.

Intellectualization and rationalization tend to direct our thoughts towards finding something or someone else to blame.

Since the earliest times of “Counseling” be it spiritual or psychological counseling, humankind has felt required to identify something to direct blame toward. The most common is someone else. However, blaming something within is another method.

In the early centuries of civilization blame was labeled the “devil” that caused us to do bad things. Over the past several centuries, spirituality, and psychology movements have labeled it to be the “ego” that is causing our troubles, as if it’s getting in the way. We do this because it is easier to pass blame onto something other than our own direct behavior. Admitting we are fully responsible is much harder for us to accept.

So now the more common theories coming from the so call experts on how to evolve is to “lose the ego” “control the ego” “rise above the ego”, etc.

I say we are unlimited beings, and our success and accomplishments are unlimited. And now that I remember that I feel great, magnificent, and fantastic. I also remember the word ego itself, comes from the Latin Greek word “ego” which means you cannot experience any part of you without the other, therefore you can not experience any part of you without your ego.

Therefore, without your ego, you will feel disturbed, disconnected, and separate from yourself, your spirit, your divinity, and the Universe.

You need your ego to survive, to function, to be human. So, embrace your ego, understand how it works and use it wisely to increase your awareness.

Love, Light and Happiness, Charles
Charles Lightwalker is a Medical Intuitive, Ordained Minister, Certified
Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, and can be reached by email at or texted or phoned at 509-389-7290.