Emotion Freedom Technique

(The Tapping Solution)

by  Dr. Jerry Cunningham

This innovative therapeutic technique started with an amazing discovery by Dr. Roger Callahan.  He had been studying the meridian system from China that is often called Acupuncture.  The meridian has what are know as end points.  He had been treating a person named Mary who suffered from a severe water phobia from childhood.  He had used several currently accepted psychotherapy procedures including hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, client centered therapy with minimal success.  One day he directed Mary to tap on a relevant acupuncture endpoint and she immediately reported that the discomforting phobic sensation regarding water had vanished.  This was checked by having her approach a swimming pool, (which was one of many water stimuli that had triggered her panic).  The sensation was gone.  Dr. Callahan followed her for over ten years and it never returned.  This initiated the therapeutic procedures that involved tapping on acupuncture endpoints while holding the therapeutic issues in consciousness. This process has been developed and expanded across the world.  The procedure has been used to treat phobias, troubling emotions, negative hurtful childhood experiences, cravings, addictions, and many physical conditions.   It has additionally been successfully utilized with numerous habits, and behaviors that disrupt the progress of life aspirations.  The amazing aspect to this procedure is the quickness with which many very troubling and complex conditions have been treated effectively.  Oftentimes complex emotional and physical conditions will be resolved in one or two therapeutic sessions.

Nick Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution, discusses a client that he and an associate worked with that had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  She had been treated over several years medically with very little positive results.  The symptoms involved chronic pain and sleeplessness—waking 15 to 20 times per night.  Her ability to walk easily was impacted and she was depressed over the impact of the disease on her life.  Within four days of tapping sessions, the entire symptom picture had resolved.  Now several years later, her life has changed completely, and she continues to be symptom free. 

In her case, emotional issues manifested as a physical illness and, when the emotional issues were addressed with tapping while holding the various stressful events and emotions in consciousness, the physical symptoms resolved completely.  In addition, this procedure has been used successfully to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression with limited amounts of catharsis.

Results with tapping have routinely been extremely successful and therapists, doctors, and life coaches across the world are currently using this procedure.  The author of this article has used Emotional Freedom Technique for years with very successful results.

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