By Victoria Savage RN “Wisdom Guided Oracle”
If you’re anything like the rest of us lately, you’ve been on a huge emotional, physical roller coaster! There’s good reason for this from an astronomical point of view.
I’m not going to elaborate on that further as there are experts in that field with lots of information regarding that for you to read. But it is helpful to know why you’ve been so thrown from pillar to post. This is a time of great change for the human race and it’s time for you to awaken to your power, gifts and desires. You! The lightworkers out there.
How do you know if you’re one? That’s pretty easy right now!
You’ve been feeling up, down, over, under, heavily laden, happy, and sad. Old emotional patterns have cropped up and old patterns of thought as well! Physical dysfunctions may also be rearing their ugly head as well.  Such as, increased pain and achiness, (more than usual or in new places,) intestinal upsets, headaches and sleep disturbances. All of this is because your empathic self is being shaken up and starting to awaken. It’s almost like a surgery has been taking place within removing all that no longer serves you, getting you ready to shine.
The stars are aligned for this. Are you?
Are you ready to step up and own your power? It’s time to allow and fuel this awakening and, integrate and connect with all that is you.
You may initially think, “No!” I’m too messed up right now, but this is exactly why you’re messed up. The sooner you step up and into your true self, the sooner you’ll feel more balanced, lighter and more joyful. Also, now would be a great time because you’ve got all the cosmos supplying you with extra support towards this.
As a Way shower, Energy Healer, Channel and Psychic, I can help you identify your gifts, talents and power and give you insights and awareness to get you on your way.
I have a special from now until the end of February to help you get started or get you back on track. It’s my “Awakening to your Power” session. It’s a one hour session by phone (or in person) with me where together we explore where you’re at, what your thoughts and beliefs are creating, what your gifts and talents are, and how you can begin to move forward with greater, balance, clarity, effectiveness, and peace.
Normally a session with me is $125 but I’m offering you this session for just $69.
Call me at 208-473-8254 or email me at nursesavage@wholisticu.com