By Beverly Hobbs, Integrated Energy Healer ~ 509-378-0798

What is Integrated Energy Healing?

Integrated Energy Healing is the fluid integration of several energy healing modalities.  I believe that all healing modalities share the same central source but present different ways to access it.  I have evolved my own modality of healing through my 15 years of studying and practicing Reiki, Matrix Energetics, and other modalities. My approach recognizes the interactive relationship of the body, mind, and spirit in the process of illness, and healing. Thoughts and beliefs have energy that can influence the body.  Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions may all play a part in the underlying causes of illness, injury or pain, or in blocking your healing.  You may be holding negative thoughts about the ability to heal. With energy healing, the positive belief of the immense ability of the body to heal itself could be invoked. Energy healing is known as complementary or supplementary to medical treatment, boosting the effectiveness, and addressing some issues the doctor may not consider.

Why seek energy healing?

Energy healing is all-encompassing and can help with whatever concerns you may present. Fatigue, lack of motivation, lack of focus are concerns that can improve with energy work. My clients leave with a great feeling of relaxation and a greater sense of direction.  Are you dealing with injury or pain, chronic or urgent?  Physical pain responds well to energy healing as it works with the unseen energy patterns of the body. I have helped many people get immediate relief from pain.  Are you receiving cancer treatments or other long-term treatments? I have worked with clients through their chemotherapy and helped ease their bodies through the process. They experienced relief of pain and a renewed sense of their well-being.

It's possible that your chronic pain or illness may not respond to medical treatment alone.  There are many possible reasons why you may not be seeing relief of your symptoms or pain.  All of your thoughts and beliefs about what's possible may be a big factor.  I help you to see how your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and physical conditions may have been interwoven to create your physical concern. Energy blockages may be another component that interferes with your ability to heal.

What are energy blockages?

Our bodies often store the residual energies of many emotional or physical injuries we receive throughout our lives.  Did someone in your life hurt you physically or emotionally? That kind of energy may leave emotional scars that run deep.  An accident resulting in significant injury may leave behind the energy pattern of that injury even years after healing.  Have you lost someone dear to you? Many of us know the ache of grief and it may last a very long time, deep in your heart.  Did you bring something forward from a past life? You may carry a fear or tendency in behavior that seems to have no basis in your current life.  Often it is necessary to clear an old energy blockage to allow the body's energy to flow naturally and heal itself. Many people are unaware of these patterns of energy.  I have the ability to find these blockages and help you release them.

When was the last time someone really took the time to listen to you? I give you my undivided attention, listening intently to your concerns to try to understand what are the underlying, unseen issues that may have played a part in your condition. It is important to me for you to see the great inner strength and healing ability that you hold within you.  There are many methods that I can teach you to draw upon your inner abilities, moving forward knowing yourself to be stronger than you have believed.

My goal is to bring healing to the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. My passion is helping people to feel better, and having them leave with a greater understanding of who they truly are. Energy Healing may work when nothing else has. If you are ready to take your healing to the next level, come experience the art of Integrated Energy Healing for yourself!

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