Energy Healing, The Unseen Healing Force 
By Beverly Hobbs, Integrated Energy Healer ~ 509-378-0798

Most people think they understand the cause and effect of illness and injury. On the surface that makes sense to them as it is what they have been taught and experienced in their own lives. Germs cause illness, and medicine heals.  Injuries need medical attention to heal. Those work most of the time. But sometimes those methods don't completely resolve the problem. The treatments may make them sicker or cause new side effects.  People may never consider that there is another level of healing that needs to take place.  The human body runs on.... an unnoticed energy force. If you've ever looked through a microscope, you see particles in motion. They are alive with energy down to the smallest particle. That is a visual representation of the energy that runs through everything.  This is what an energy healer works with. The healer is able to tune in to your energy and recognize where it is blocked or causing pain or disease.

The point is that you may quickly think of the usual help for your issue based on a belief of the model of modern medicine.  You may think there are only certain identified ways to expect to heal your illness or injury.  You may branch out into alternative methods such as chiropractic, therapeutic massage, or acupuncture.  These are great and may augment your treatments. However there are many modalities of energy healing that connect with the natural energy systems of the body and may bring about a more powerful healing. It may reveal an unknown emotional cause as well as the means of healing, without pain or side effects.  Because it happens on the energetic level you may not be able to see anything happening, but you may be amazed to feel a powerful difference. Sometimes the difference may seem subtle, and you may think nothing really happened.  If it is not in your belief system, it may be very easy to dismiss, and thereby not allow any healing to take place.  But if you allow yourself to notice what's different, and allow that change to take place, the healing begins.

Energy healing acknowledges the interactive connection of the mind, body, and spirit. They are not totally independent of each other. True healing is the result of recognizing how each part played a role in the condition, and how the healing of each part creates lasting health. If you are suffering from a condition that is not responding to the treatment you are receiving, look more deeply into the emotions attached to that condition for its cause. Clearing that emotional block through energy healing may be what has been missing in your treatment. If you are ready for another answer, give energy healing a try. Call me today!

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