Energy is Everything and Everything is Energy

by Pastor Christine Haggerty -  (208) 440-7884

 Where Energy Flows, Healing Grows

Why is it that people tend to take better care of their automobiles than they do their own health? You know it’s ok to do both; taking care of your car and taking care of you……because you are worth it.  Taking time for yourself should be a top priority in your life and taking care of your energy system is vitally important because energy is everything and everything is energy.

When energy flows through the body properly, you are in a state of health.  This is the most fundamental truth about prana, the body, the mind, and our health.  If the aura is clean, the meridians clear, and the chakras balanced and functioning properly, the body is in a state of physical and mental health. When there is an energetic disturbance in the body, a disease state is created.  When the body’s energy is disrupted in some way, when it is prevented from flowing smoothly through the meridians, to and from the chakras, and to and from the organs, a health problem is present or about to be present.

There are two types of energetic disturbances: congestion, which is an accumulation of either excess or dirty prana: or depletion, which is a deficiency of prana.  These energetic disturbances can be either general (occurring throughout the entire aura) or local (occurring in a specific area, chakra, or meridian). For the body to return to a state of health, these energetic disturbances must be corrected.

Illnesses manifest in the energy body before they manifest in the physical body.  By treating problems at the energetic level, you can heal the physical body.  Additionally, through regular energy cleaning, meditation, and proper breathing techniques, you are taking proactive steps in keeping the energy body clean. 

For example, a pranic energy healer can help you clear away negative emotions, limiting beliefs, fears, traumatic memories, phobias, anxieties and physical disease within the body.  All these conditions block the flow of clean, positive, life giving energy.  When energy is blocked, problems occur. Remember, without an adequate supply of clean energy, the part of the body with a functional disturbance or malfunction will cause congestion or depletion.  In either case, the pranic healer needs to remove the blockage or functional disturbance in order for life-force energy to flow freely again.  That’s why it is important to see a pranic energy healer on a regular basis.

I know many people who get a massage every week or at least twice a month.  They know the importance of taking care of their body.  The same is true with visiting a chiropractor.  Many people visit their chiropractor on a regular basis for healthy maintenance.  Well, it’s the same with pranic energy healing.  It’s vital to keep your entire energy body clean.  This will help you to achieve and maintain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. 

I would encourage you to begin taking care of your energy body on a regular basis because Energy is everything, and everything is energy. 

Yours in love and light, Pastor Christine Haggerty

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