Energy Testing - Getting the Information From the Body
by Rand Gholson ~ Alternative Health Coaching ~ 805-709-4263

Most people consider every testing of the muscles to either be a magical thing or fraud. Both considerations come from a lack of knowledge and experience.

Testing the muscles for strength and the integrity of the muscle is generally termed muscle-testing of applied kinesiology, another term is biomechanics. These tests are utilized to test the integrity of the muscle’s energy flow.

In the modality “Touch for Health” this was taken to new levels of response in the 1970’s and used for muscle groups that individually received their energy flow from specific Meridians (from Chinese Medicine). In this context the ‘muscle tests’ became more specific to determining the flow of a Meridian and if blocked, connecting with points on that can regulate the flow of energy in the Meridian. Then the muscle involved would be re-tested to see if that cleared the Meridian energy flow.

The practice of energy testing has taken great strides in its evolution since the 1970’s. It is a mainstay in several current modalities of energy work being done today. Most of the tapping modalities like EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, utilize energy testing.

The Eden Energy Method uses energy testing extensively, but with a specialized twist. In this use, a muscle test is ‘qualified’ by beginning with an initially strong test, then using a reflex intervention to temporarily interrupt the flow of energy through the muscle “weakening” it. The muscle is then stretched to reinstate the flow through it and retested, which is invariably an even stronger response to the test than the initial one. This then tells us that the muscle is capable of being used as a “general indicator” muscle and can be used to test any number of other things and locations on the body. This allows a broad spectrum of ways to assess the dynamic energy systems of the body.

There are also highly specialized methods to “self-test” energy with one’s own body and people use this for everything from checking for congested energy in joints and tissues of the body, to how the body responds to supplements.

You have an opportunity to learn to develop your energy testing skills with three different ‘general indicator ‘ muscle tests, as well as several forms of self-testing. The self-testing will require quite a bit of practice to acquire accurate results as it is more of a subtle art form.

On January 25, 2020, there will be a workshop on Grounding/Energy Testing in Meridian at Energies Rising. The workshop is taught by Rand Gholson EEM-AP and will run from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. This class is also a pre-requisite class for all the modalities that Rand teaches.

Come, have a great time and leave with new tools and techniques that you can use immediately. 

Grounding/ Energy Testing Workshop cost- $90 
Dress in loose comfortable clothing. Bring a lunch. Snacks, coffee, tea provided.
RSVP By January 22 as space is limited to 10 participants.
RSVP by text at 805-709-4263 or email:

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