By Beverly Hobbs, Integrated Energy Healer ~ 509-378-0798


Your emotions have a big influence on your body, especially ones that you deny you are feeling.  To deny your feelings you may push them out of your conscious thoughts and tell yourself that you have handled them. Poof! They are no longer there. But where did they actually go? They are still there. You may have pushed them to a deeper space within your body like your low back, your shoulder, or your gut, for instance. Problem solved until your body decides to get your attention by causing those areas to become inflamed or painful. Your usual plan of action may be to go to the doctor, who may run some tests or give you something for the pain. Those are good options and usually help.  What he probably won’t have time for is to ask about what is going on in your life, or what happened to you a decade ago. The doctor probably wouldn’t consider that occurrences in your life could actually leave an energetic pattern of pain or dis-ease in your body. You probably wouldn’t think that was possible either.

How is this possible? Have you ever experienced an emotional pain, a relationship breakup or death of a loved one, that was so painful and deep that you felt that you couldn’t bear the pain.  You express your pain and try to deal with it. But it may not be alleviated and you may attempt to push it out of your daily thinking. It may become lodged deep in your heart, and you may seek to protect that pain, and yourself,   from further pain. You may create a shield for your heart to lock it down. That shield prevents you from expressing your feelings and keeps new feelings from coming in to be felt. That’s a huge energetic emotional block that may have serious consequences for your body and your health. That’s just one example of energetic blockage created by emotions. Your body seeks to get your attention to make you aware of these energy blockages through pain or even disease. Energy healing seeks those blockages and helps you to become aware of them and release them.

Life offers you experiences or traumas that may create an unresolved energy blockage. Did you experience physical, emotional, or sexual abuse? What pain did they cause you that you are aware of but try not to think about? The more you try not to think about it, the stronger the emotional blockage may become. There may also be some hateful or vengeful thoughts that come with that which you may also attempt to push down. Energy healing offers you a way to locate and identify those energy blockages, and then to help you release them. This removal of the energy blockage allows your body to heal itself through the natural flow of vital energy. As an energy healer, I take the time to listen to your concerns of today, and also, those of years ago. Let’s look for the ties between your chronic pain or illness, and the hidden energy patterns that may have caused those. If you are ready for a deeper healing, give me a call!