Essential Grounding
by Rand Gholson ~ Energies Rising - Alternative Health Coaching
In these last few months, attending to our biological health and keeping emotionally healthy has been in the forefront of our entire society, indeed world-wide. An energy focused essential for healing our body or moving out of fear (and all that involves), is to have a grounded energy system.
Just as we need to ground the electrical feeds to our homes, we need to maintain effective grounding for our body and its energy systems to provide adequate access to the flow of energies through us.
With blocked or restricted flows, we lose our grounding, not just to the planet, but to the solar fields around us too. We are polarity oriented in our energy systems and that includes our biology as well. Every cell in our body is polarity oriented like a battery with a north/south (positive/negative) end, and is designed to be in orientation with every other cell.
When we lose grounding, it can create erratic polarities with the cells and they become “scrambled”, or disoriented. This can occur within the entire bio-field or be localized to an organ or muscle group.  This is when it is most beneficial to test the energies and establish solid grounding if needed.
Simple things help greatly, like walking barefoot in damp grass or sitting with your back to a tree. But, with a chronic issue of being grounding challenged, getting assessed by a qualified practitioner or learning how to do so and using advanced grounding techniques to correct the issue, are imperative in coming to balance with your grounding and polarities.
If learning in depth about grounding, techniques to correct and maintain it, along with learning how to test for energy imbalances in yourself and others there will be an all day workshop on July 11. The “Grounding/Energy Testing” Workshop will be from 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM. It will be taught by Rand Gholson at Energies Rising in Meridian, Idaho. Text 805-709-4263 to RSVP. See the events calendar here in the HedraNews for further information.