Have Fun With Your Inner Child
Excerpts from Louise L. Hay Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workbook
An exercise from Who Are You? What Do You Believe? & Feeling Good chapter


Inner Child

Many of us have an inner child who is lost and lonely and feels so rejected. Perhaps the only contact we have had with our inner child for a long times is to scold it and criticize it. Then we wonder why we are unhappy. We cannot reject a part of us and still be in harmony within Part of healing is to gather all the parts of ourselves so we may be whole and complete. Let's do some work to connect with these neglected inner parts of ourselves.

Talk to Your Inner Child

Take a little time now to talk to your inner child. Discover more about this child. Ask questions. Ask you inner child:

1) What do you like? 

2) What do you dislike? 

3) What frightens you? 

4) How to you feel? 

5) What do you need? 

6) How can I (the adult you) help you feel safe? 

7) How can I make you happy? 

Have a good conversation with your inner child. Be there for that child. Embrace it and love it, and do what you can to take care of its needs. Be sure to let it know that  no matter what happens you will always be there.

Have Fun With Your Inner Child

When you are in a state of anxiety or fear that keeps you from functioning, you may have abandoned your inner child. Think of some ways in which you can reconnect with your inner child. What could you do for fun? What could you do that is JUST FOR YOU?

List 15 ways in which you could have fun with your inner child. You may enjoy reading good books, going to the movies, gardening, keeping a journal, or taking a hot bath. How about some "child-like" activities? Really take the time to think. You could run on the beach, go to a playground and swing on a swing, you could draw pictures with crayons, or climb a tree. Once you have made you list, try doing at least one activity each day. Let the healing begin!
















Look at all you have discovered! Keep going - you can create such fun for your and your child! Feel the relationship between the two of you healing.