Geranium Essential Oil for The Empath
Shared by Julie Matheson

The word empath has been used to describe the person who easily picks up on the emotions, moods and intentions of others. Being empathic can be a strength of the highly sensitive, intuitive person who “knows” things, and “intuits” things. Out of balance, however, there is a fine line between being empathic and simply being co-dependent. 

Ultimately, we are the only ones who think in our own minds. Even if we are empathic and tend to be affected by the energy of others, we can still set boundaries and know that our thoughts and feelings are all your own.

No one makes you feel anything. It is never true to say, “You made me feel _____.” Every thought you think must pass through your own unique perceptive filters. That is, your personality type, your inner-child and inner parent dialogue, your astrological make up, etc. And especially all the bumps and bruises from your past that affect how you perceive the world.

Conversely, you cannot “make” anyone else feel anything either. Others are responsible for their own perceptive filters, too. We all need to check and recheck our perception to make sure it is accurate. For example, it could be that there are lots of people who love and support you, but your perceptive filters won’t let you see it, let alone, receive it and enjoy it.

I offer up Geranium oil as a potential remedy for the effects of being overly empathic. Remarkably, Geranium oil is both a sedative and is uplifting. Geranium is great for times when you’ve become overly saturated with the energy of others, need to pull back and take control of your own thoughts, moods and feelings. It may be used for depression and nervous tension, and is also good for skin.

How to get it? You may go to and choose Products and then choose Essential Oils. From there, follow the links to Young Living where you can place your order or you may call Young Living at 1-800-371-3515. My member number is 1106631.

Your Geranium Affirmation: I am the only one who thinks in my own mind. I am the keeper of my attitude, my peace, my feelings and my gorgeous boundaries. Whatever I need to know can come to me in a safe way without draining my energy. I am both gentle and strong.
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