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As we settle into winter, reflecting on the year & as the light of the Sun in our sky wanes, consider turning inward, reaffirming your Sun, your life’s purpose, your essential truth. 

As Steven Forrest writes: “Each Sun sign represents a particular soul contract. Once we understand what kind of deal we made with the Universe at our first breath, our lives can unfold with far greater harmony, sanity, and vitality.”¹

During this season, as we reflect on core traits of our Sun sign, may we each gain deeper insights & creative ideas for reaching our best potential.

For the Sun in Aries treasure & further develop your courage, honesty, independence & self-sufficiency.

For the Sun in Taurus treasure & further develop your calm graciousness, earthy sensuality & loyalty.

For the Sun in Gemini treasure & further develop your friendly curiosity, versatility & love of knowledge.

For the Sun in Cancer treasure & further develop your nurturing care, emotional awareness & gentleness.

For the Sun in Leo treasure & further develop your engaging spirit, warmhearted liveliness & enthusiasm.

For the Sun in Virgo treasure & further develop your inspired improvements, helpful assistance & growing self-care.

For the Sun in Libra treasure & further develop your natural charm, consideration of others & creation of beauty.

For the Sun in Scorpio treasure & further develop your deep healing insight & passion & transformative connections.

For the Sun in Sagittarius treasure & further develop your optimism, open-mindedness & generosity of spirit.

For the Sun in Capricorn treasure & further develop your accomplished effectiveness, dependability & patience.

For the Sun in Aquarius treasure & further develop your unique individuality, inventiveness & altruistic inclusiveness.

For the Sun in Pisces treasure & further develop your inspired imagination, empathy & self-transcendence.

May your holidays be wrapped in warmth, touched by joy and filled with peace and love.

slightly revised reprint from Dec ‘19

¹Steven Forrest, www.forrestastrology.com


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