Gifts from the Earth
by Jalisa Palaca  ~  Assistant Manager at Wild Gemstones
At the Boise Mall next to See’s Candy  ~  208.999.1135


Crystals; Gemstones; Rocks; Precious minerals, no matter what you call them, many people are attracted to having a collection for various reasons. Whether they just like the look of them, the feel of them, or are aware of their healing properties, they seem to hold a special place in many households. People might not even know why they collect them, and even if they are unaware of the healing qualities each variety holds, they can still benefit from having them around.

Most children are inherently drawn to having a collection, and I believe it is due to their uninhibited subconscious guiding them to the various vibrations. In today’s society it is becoming a little more socially acceptable to believe in the Metaphysical and Spiritual teachings, but for a long time it was a topic that was brushed aside and regarded as childish fantasy. Though many think the trend is a new wave hippie concept, Crystals and Gemstones were used in many ancient civilizations, and it was only in recent human history that we have disregarded their uses.

All around the world, we can see that these precious minerals have been used and regarded for their healing vibrations. In Ancient Egypt we have found Turquoise, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli and many others being used for a variety of things, from cosmetics that were said to help with intuition, to guiding souls to the afterlife, or aiding in healing rituals. The Mayans used Green Jade for their funeral masks, and the Aztecs forged their weapons with the protective Obsidian.  The ancient Romans wore crystal amulets and talismans into battle to protect them from the enemy, and the Greeks were said to have used hematite for a similar purpose.

Time and time again we see these compounds being used and regarded for their metaphysical uses. Though as time went on, it seemed that our focus as a whole shifted to a more science-based belief system. Many people lost their trust in the unseen and called for hard scientific facts to back up anything they would believe in, and though the scientific community is split when it comes to providing evidence to back the healing properties of crystals, they do agree on the energy conductivity that they hold and have been utilizing Quartz in the motherboards of our electronics.

So, whether you are a skeptic, or you are practitioner who avidly promotes the use of Crystals and other Precious Minerals, we can all agree that these beautiful gemstones are an amazing gift from the earth. The variance of colors, sizes and formations found all across the world please the eye and inspire our imaginations, bringing their beauty into households all across the world.