Gotta Go, Gotta Go... Oh NO!
Constipation, Diarrhea, Boating and Gas
by Janet Warner ~ Alternative Health Solutions


When the digestive system is functioning well, life is Grand. When the digestive system is not functioning well? let?s face it, it can be embarrassing and can disrupt our routine.

If you?ve ever suffered after eating spicy, greasy or processed food, you know just what I?m talking about. Your stomach starts to ache and your intestines start to rumble. You take a laxative to help things move along. Then all of a sudden, the laxative kicks in and you ?gotta go, gotta go?! Sometimes you end up with an ?Oh, NO, now I have diarrhea!?.

Body Mapping is an Alternative Health practice that is very effective and can put your elimination system back on track even if your digestive issues have escalated to the more serious and chronic condition called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Many people overlook the simple and effective practice of Body Mapping because they have been told repeatedly that there is nothing that can be done for their IBS problems.

Tried-and-true techniques like reflexology, acupressure, iridology, auricular therapy are now being combined into one powerful technique to perform healing at a whole new level. The techniques become synergistically powerful, effective and versatile when used in the hands of a trained and experienced practitioner. The technique is called BODY MAPPING. It is a new approach to looking at health issues whether acute or chronic. Many health issues respond quickly as the body begins healing itself naturally. 

BODY MAPPING is safe non-invasive technique that looks for the source of health challenges. It begins with the clients symptoms then begins tracking or ?mapping? to find the source of the problem.

Body Mapping looks at your health issues, whether acute or chronic, by asking your body what it needs. The proven results are in the many testimonials of people who have found relief.

Here?s what Lynette from Boise said about her experience with Body Mapping. ?I have struggled with IBS for years! Most of my doctors told me to change my diet or take a pill. I tried many different things but found no relief in traditional medicine. Then I found Janet at Alternative Health Solutions. In just one visit, the link between my broken tailbone and my IBS was found and fixed! I no longer suffer with any of the horrible symptoms! Thank you, Janet! ?

To learn more about how Body Mapping can help you and your family with ANY health challenges, text Janet Warner at 208-219-0122 for more information. Healing is only a phone call away at Alternative Health Solutions: 208-219-0122.

Start healing today, the Body Mapping way!