Green Comet, Mars and End Time Triggers
by Geri Habstritt

Happy New Year!  February 1 is actually when the New Year begins this year.  January was a time out of time.  2023 is a 13 month cycle this time around as opposed to 12.  We went through that huge retrograde that hit hard during the pre phase right before Christmas that revealed to us the S.T.O.R.M energy of 2023 as literal storms stopped many from their Christmas plans.  It was meant to shake out any of the remaining energies that didn’t serve our highest expression as we entered a profound RESET in January.  The reset offered us the opportunity to change programming, belief systems and patterns that didn’t serve our highest potential or truth.  Then that fabulous new moon kicked us off with new energy for an entirely new vessel if you took advantage of the healing offered through the retrograde and reset.

On February 1 the green comet that has recently appeared will be at its closest proximity to earth.  The last time it made its way to earth was 50,000 years ago during the Stone Age.  This comet is carrying with it powerful heart chakra healing energy (hence the green).  This 13 month cycle is calling in the energy of 4, which is perfect balance of the heart.  This means the heart is open and the solar plexus is in its trust, joy and empowerment.  Boundaries and action steps are clear.  This will happen through healing the universal wound around the past.

We’ve had many lifetimes where we have imploded, particularly Su’Laria, which happened on Mars and January ushered in this Mars effect.  Many of us knew the implosion was imminent through the misuse of technology and egos that governed thus we needed another experience of incarnation on a planet of blue and green to offer balance so we seeded Gaia with the necessary energies to assist us to awaken.  Many of us left early to seed Gaia and many stayed during the implosion.  Humanity is going to be triggered with the energy this green comet is offering depending upon the role that each played.  Those that imploded may experience panic attacks, depression and great fear of dying and end times.  Those that left early may experience guilt, doubt, would of, should of, could of and energy around there not being enough time.  Each is carrying within them a wound of these past experiences and the green comet will be offering an opportunity to heal without the need to recreate.  This will allow us to restore balance if we can lift and be aware as opposed to diving into victim energy.  We are creators not victims. 

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