Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
By Kym Thomas, CMMP, LMT ~ Medical Massage of Idaho
Himalayan salt is a pure crystal salt that is rich in 84 natural minerals and elements that are found in the body. The benefits of using these Himalayan salt stones (heated) during a massage, allows the minerals and trace elements to be easily absorbed into the body for the promotion of a healthy balance. Some of these 84 body helpers are Calcium (strong bones and teeth), Nitrogen (digestion of food and growth), Oxygen (breaks down sugars into carbon dioxide and water), Sodium (maintain the body’s fluid balance in and out of the cells), Chromium (a glucose tolerance factor for proper carbohydrate metabolism and regulating blood sugar levels), Vanadium (helps the body convert some foods into energy), Cobalt (production of red blood cells), Copper (manufacture of collagen and hemoglobin for oxygen in red blood cells), Iodine (healthy thyroid function), Iron (hemoglobin and healthy immune function), Zinc (proper immune function, normal growth, sexual development and wound healing), Magnesium (muscle relaxant and nutrient for the heart), Chloride (the body’s acid-balance), Manganese (proper brain function) and Lithium (enhances moods). The trace minerals promote the balance of electrolytes, regulate body water, absorption of food particles in the intestinal tract, assists in energy in the cells in the body, promotes vascular health, regulates sleep and promotes a healthy PH balance in the cells, primarily the brain cells.
The pure crystal salt in the Himalayan salt stones does not harm the body. It is difficult to absorb too much crystal salt during a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. Whether it is hot or cold outside, a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage can really benefit your muscle tension and stress by reducing inflammation, increase blood circulation, create a deep relaxation, improve your sleep and promote you overall sense of wellness. At Medical Massage of Idaho, the Himalayan salt stones are included as part of your customized massage for your body’s needs at the time of your session (at NO extra cost). So, please allow your body to experience the many benefits of a Himalayan Salt Stone massage. It is amazing!
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